Busy busy little bee

January 5, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Ahh… 4:40pm. Tired. Hungry.

I woke up, cleaned a bit of the mess from last night (pizza/coolers with the G), talked to Cyndi, who will be taking over Melissa’s job and will essentially be taking care of most of the news on MoVa, and thus I’m upping her pay. So I talked to her for a while about that. Then I talked to Sheldon, the vb designer for PFO. He’s like 95% done the skin now, but only for the forum, and not the front end of the site, so… I’m gonna have to wait like 2 weeks or something before I can pay him because my CC max is $1000 since I’m self-employed, and he only accepts credit card payment.. so I have to pay that off first.. So that is kinda a bit of agony since I’m really impatient and hate waiting for things. The site looks good though. Looks exactly like the mock up, I’m impressed.

Hmm.. the 120×60’s have sooo much more room now I love it. I think I’ll have those at $50 each to start, and maybe add a new slot, for skyscrapers, bringing them in at $200 a pop. Can’t wait for the new design to be up.

Then I went out and did some errands: got my mail, found a cheque from AllPosters, so I went to the bank and cashed that. Then I went to see John, the owner of the domain im brokering, to pick up a CD which contained server log files for the domain so I can analyze type-in traffic, since there has been a number of corporations and businesses contacting me about the domain who are interested. I won’t post the details here since some of them have read my blog! Apparantly doing background research on me…

Then I went over to Staples and bought a desk, nice chair, and glidey floor thingy. Now, I was going to get the desk shown on the right here:

But they’d have to ship it in, and it’d take a week. And I’m sooo impatient, so I went with the one on the left, but in the color of the one of the right. I was looking at this one before, and couldn’t decide which to get. Plus there was some real big and elaborate big corner desks for the same price as these ones, but I dunno.. it seemed almost TOO good and outrageous for me so I chose between these two instead.

Here’s the chair I got. Well not exactly, but it looks similar:

Then I did a bunch of other stuff but I’m WAY too tired to write it. Sooooo bye.

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2 Responses to “Busy busy little bee”

  1. PigsnieLite says:

    I like the office system on the left in the cherry color. Why cant you wait for a week for exactly the furniture you want? You’re gonna live with it forever. And why are you replacing Missy?

  2. Chris Gwynne says:

    I like Sheldon’s work.


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