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March 15, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

That’s right. In an effort to reward those who regularly read my blog, I’m giving out phone cards to the first 11 people who comment in this post. You can’t enter an easier contest than that!

Please leave your e-mail address in your comment, or make sure that your e-mail address is attached to your account as I will e-mail you a special code.

Each phone card is credited with $10 and worth up to 555-minutes of long-distance calling. The exact amount depends, of course, where you call. United States to US or Canada calls are 1.8 cents a minute which equates to over 9-hours of call time.

Once you receive the activation code from me (assuming you’re one of the first 11 people to leave a comment), you can activate it at

You don’t need to attach a credit card – all that requested from you is an e-mail to help control fraud (in case somebody got there hands on a bunch of these gift cards).


This little contest was sponsored by, a company which offers international calling cards and prepaid phone cards.

I came in contact with the owner after he ordered over $700 worth of banners from BannersMall having went through my referral URL, which meant a quick-and-easy $70 commission for me. After a bit of discussion, we naturally decided to hold a little contest together.

Their rates are really cheap. Here are some of their rates – their full rates can be found on their site:

  • US to US: 1.8 cents/minute
  • US to Canada: 1.8 cents/minute
  • US to UK: 2 cents/minute
  • US to Australia: 2.2 cents/minute

Another thing that’s nice about them is that you can pay for your phone card online with PayPal.


Creating an account is easy, too.

To create your Pingo account:

  • Create your account number. This can be your home phone, or any other 10-digit number you choose.
  • Create your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). This is your secret number that gives only you access to your Pingo phone card account.
  • Enter up to 10 personal PINpass phone numbers – your home phone, office phone, mobile phone – whatever phones you frequently use. When you dial either a local or toll-free Pingo access number from these phones, Pingo will recognize you, and you will not be required to enter a PIN to make a call.
  • Enter your billing information.

To make a call:

  • Just dial your local or toll-free Pingo access number.
  • If you are not using one of your PINpass phones, at the voice prompt, enter your Account number and PIN.
  • Dial the number you want to call; for all calls, including domestic long distance, dial the country code and number, and then press #. For example, if you’re making a domestic U.S. call, just dial 1 (the U.S. country code) + area code and number, then the # key.
  • If you want to place another call, don’t hang up at the end of your first call. Simply hold the # key for two seconds and dial the new number you’d like to call, followed by the # key – there’s no need to re-enter your account number or PIN!
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32 Responses to “Comment on this Post and Get a Free Phone Card”

  1. danny says:

    I’m down for a free code 🙂

  2. bill perry says:


    hah. finally, a good reason to be up at night working 3rd shift at a desk!

  3. Doug says:

    I knew reading your blog all the time would eventually come to some good! Really though, been reading your blog since your sitepoint post way back when. Keep it up. 🙂

  4. sean says:

    Give me a free card 🙂

  5. Its a very nice website and would save people calling abroad quite a bit of money.

    We have a slightly cheaper service for landline calls to France from UK which is the country we phone most often but its not much cheaper.

    I do not need one of the calling cards mate so feel free to give it to someone else.


  6. Hi Tyler,

    I knew I shouldn’t be sleeping at 4:00am!!

    Take care,


  7. aj says:

    Wow, free is alway’s cool.


  8. says:

    Can I get two, lol..
    Just kidding. Trying out my new account.
    Look forward to reading your site daily.

    Keep up the good work and dont’ work to hard, lol..

  9. It’s becoming more and more popular with “post here and win” contests 😀 . I like it.


  10. Aaron says:

    I’ll take one if there are any available. I’ve been a regular reader since 2006!

  11. james says:

    would be nice to have one if they are still going

  12. Tyler Cruz says:

    9 codes sent out, 2 left!

  13. Reid says:

    Wow, I thought I almost missed it. I’ll take a card.

  14. TheAnand says:

    hope i did nto miss it! let mein!

  15. Steve says:

    I guess I miss them but anyway just wanted to see what’s new here 🙂

  16. shy guy says:

    Your prize is quite interesting but hey I’m not US…
    How can I claim the prize..
    He he he

  17. rick says:

    I refuse to comment because that logo is atrocious! lol

  18. mike huang says:

    Oh darn! I missed this by a mile 🙁


  19. I don’t want one but I won’t mind a comment 😉

  20. I will probably never use it

  21. Tom Beaton says:

    Does this work if your dialing from the UK?

  22. Looks like many of them are not interested because of the geographical constraints. Do they have something that can be used to call from Asian countries to Europe or North America as well?

  23. MrGPT says:

    I’ll take one!

  24. Amit says:

    Me wants a card!

  25. Tyler Cruz says:

    All 11 codes have been sent out!

  26. Muneeb2Good says:

    Ooops it seems like i have missed the opportunity 😀

    Np 🙂 at least i just out on this great platform of knowledge … 🙂

    I came here to the email which I’m subscribed ov hehehe

    Actually was very busy in other businesses from the last few days thats why could come and read my beloved entrepreneur…

    Thanks for the efforts for the daily reader 😀

  27. Still want a free calling card?

    Step 1:
    Join Pingo’s affiliate program. Earn $15 CPA

    Step 2:
    Email us (affiliate /at/

    Mention you joined because of and send us a link to your posted Pingo banner or blog post.

    Step 3:
    Recieve a free $5 phone card to try Pingo.

    and Yes, Pingo works in Asia & UK. It works FROM 40 countries to call 200 countries.

    Thanks for your future partnership & taking the time to try Pingo!

    Affiliate Manager

  28. Flimjo says:

    I would sold the card on Ebay!

  29. Tyler, I know i missed the free Phone card, but couldn’t help posting.


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