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July 25, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

The following is a paid review and is completely of my own opinion and is not influenced by being paid. If you’re interested in having me review your site or product, you can purchase a review from me through PayPerPost by clicking on the PayPerPost Direct button located at the top left of my blog. 


A lot of webmasters have a difficult time generating content for their website or blog. They’d rather spend their time building, marketing, or monetizing their sites, instead of researching, writing, or updating content.

This is where comes in. is a paid writing service has content writers for hire and thus allows you to hire people to write or update content for you. There are a number of such services around, and some webmasters simply outsource directly by hiring a cheap overseas full-time writer from India or China. is one of the more established and larger paid-writing services for webmasters.

I have mixed feelings with as there are certainly upsides and downsides. I’m going to focus on the downsides first.


Throughout the site, stresses the quality of their writing:

“…unique content which are written to the highest standard by our in-house team of writers. Once your content has been written it is transferred to our editorial department to be proofread and signed off by a senior editor…”

“…we work with you to make sure you give your readers the best quality material available anywhere online…”

And while I haven’t purchased their service, from the various spelling and grammatical mistakes throughout the site, I’m very sure that their writing quality is extremely poor. It’s true that I have high standards when it comes to such things, but when a content writing services site has such poor examples on their own site it should scream a warning.

Here are just a few examples of the atrocities I found:

“These are just a small selection of the many uses for or mini content package and we challenge you to give us your most complex projects to show you how great our in-house team are!”

“Getmecontent are World famous for providing website owners with millions of pages of content every year and our unique content packages the ultimate way to get your site ranking high in the SERPS ( Search Engine Result Pages)”

“At we continuously develop new packages to suit the needs of our customers and were proud to announce the launch of one of the most eagerly awaited products ever requested!”

Sure, this is nitpicking, but again they are a content writing service, not a room-cleaning or child-care service, so I’d expect their site to at least be written well.

What really secures my opinion, though, is their example page.  Here’s a selected article that they actually selected themselves to showcase. It contains several spelling mistakes, a lot of awkward grammar, and a very confusing style. If that’s their showcased example article, I can only grimace at the thought of what you get when paying for content.

So, we’ve established that the writing quality is horrible… but to be fair, most content writing services are. It’s strange and ironic, I know, but it’s true.


Simply put, it’s cheap. Very cheap.

The affordability does help compensate for the sheer poor quality of writing, which is why I have such a mixed review. offers several writing packages.

The first is their Full Time Writer Package, which for a limited time is 50% off their normal price of $500 at $250.

With it, you receive:

  • Your own dedicated staff writer working in their central office
  • Direct content input into your blog or CMS
  • 24 hour access to your personal account manager
  • Full editorial control over your copy
  • 1000 words per day (5 blog articles or news stories)
  • Full ownership of your material

So, the “Full Time Writer” title is a bit misleading as you are limited to a maximum of 1,000 words per day, but that is still a pretty good deal. Even though the writing quality is poor, it still has it’s place.

For example, a webmaster who owns a video entertainment site which is a blog-esque type site which posts daily funny or interesting videos, could purchase this package and have several posts per day added to the site for only $250, removing all the responsibility of updating the site. If the site makes $500 a month, paying $250 for somebody else to administer it essentially yields an easy $250 a month of passive income.

This is an example of where such a service as works. Would I ever hire them to write reviews for my site? Hell, no. But would I consider them to update a movie blog or write content for an arbitrage site or affiliate marketing landing page? Maybe.

Another package offers is their Mini Content Package. For $99, you get 9,000 words which can be split up. For example, you could have multiple pages written for your website or multiple blog posts written. Even with poor writing quality, 9,000 words for $99 equates to 1 cent per word. This review so far is at 880 words, which would only be 10% of what you’d get. And this is a long post.. if you had imagined 200 words per blog post, that would equal 45 posts. And at 1 post per day, that would be a month and a half of content for a blog, which would equate to around $2 per day.

So, I think that in the end what it comes down to is that is useful for certain situations and projects. The writing quality is not the best, but if used wisely, their prices makes thire service a good resource for the right project.

The owner of is Lee Bandoni, a young and successful web entrepreneur who runs a blog as well. I’ve talked to him in the past and know that he’s a reader of my blog, and so I hope that he isn’t angry at my review. But I have to be honest. And even though I think the writing quality of his service is poor, for the price I do think it has its place and is useful to the right people, so hopefully he’ll be okay with this review 😉

Therefore, if you’re into PPC arbitrage, affiliate marketing, or run a site which needs basic updated content, could be for you. But I wouldn’t use them to write your dissertation 😉

P.S: Yes, I know I have my own issue with bad grammar and poor writing… don’t remind me 😉

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7 Responses to “Content Writing Service Review”

  1. Gregg says:

    Shouldn’t that be “issues“, unless you are saying that you always combine the two into one issue, and never do either seperately.


    Couldn’t resist

  2. leebandoni says:

    Review has been read and the issues you pointed out are being addressed. The truth is that the current site is only a “stop gap” and we really should have created a better impression on the sales pages!

    Our customer feedback has been very positive and people love the fact we offer the BEST customer service experience of any content company. We have a 99% + customer satisfaction rate and we will be striving to make it even better!

  3. Congrats on another review. You’re going to hit your goal in no time. When do you think you will bump up the price again? Wait until the PR update, or go for it. I think $75 is very reasonable (heck, what is your ReviewMe price, $200 or so).

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I’m only going to raise my price based on supply and demand as that makes the most sense. I’ve actually had to turn down a number of offers lately just because they weren’t directly related to my blog’s topic, or I felt their service/site was too difficult to review, or I didn’t like their site at all.

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  5. Just used the service and it is a total scam – unfinished content, over deadline by 3 weeks, DO NOT use


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