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January 5, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

A bit of good news. My dad phoned me and told me about two desks they had at Staples in a flyer that came today, so I went down to my apartment lobby to check it out. One is $70 off, the other is $50 off.

They both come to more than the one at the other place I was gonna get, but it comes with free shipping from the store! So I can get it tomorrow (I assume). Now.. it’s strange because they have two there in the flyer, and both are very different than the one I was gonna get. The one I was gonna get looks similar to the one in the image above. One of the ones at Staples looks just like a normal desk kinda, but it has a drawer pull out thing for the keyboard, a little cubby hole thing I think, and a couple mounts on the side, for the HD and stuff. On the top it has a little stand thing for a printer. It’s actually a simply make, but it’s solid oak and the finish looks really really nice, but it’s very simple.

The other one is more complex, not as nice as the one above, but almost, it is a bit bigger, and costs $50 more, and the top of it is bigger than the one in the picture.. sits on the top of the desk.. but im afraid of that because im afraid it might fall over. see im next to the wall right now, but about 5 inches from it because theres a heater, and wires.. so i cant put the end against the wall you know?

Which would you guys vote for?

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2 Responses to “Desks desks desks”

  1. benjamin says:

    I think you should go with the simple one

  2. Dave Starr says:

    You definitely should go with the simple one (no top hitch). I have an overly fat one with one of those hutches and rather than convenience it is the worst dust collector and place to lose things you can imagine.

    I’m moving overseas in a few months and I’ll probably take my main desk with me but that hutch part is going to the dump rather than the moving container.

    Best regards


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