Everyone Needs a Break…

May 28, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Hey everyone,

I’ve added another video entry, although this is really the first one (I don’t really count the Lost on a Mountain ones as they were off-topic).

I really like doing the videos now because not only do they provide a more ‘human’ and ‘realistic’ touch, but they allow me to get out what I want to say a lot quicker and easier. I usually spend hours writing a single post update – much of that time spent on uploading images and formatting – and doing it ‘live’ via video reduces time as I’m not worrying about structing and presenting what I want to say in words and formatting.

That said, I have only a few concerns about making video posts:

1. 10 Minutes

YouTube allows only a 10-minute maximum of videos. While most of my blog videos will be just a few minutes long, I do imagine on occassion I may want to do a longer one. Basically I just don’t like being limited..

2. Search Engines

Obviously with video posts, I’ll be losing out on textual data for search engine crawlers to pick up on. I don’t plan on having all of my blog posts in video for this reason.

3. Visitors

I have no idea if repeat visitors of this blog even like the videos (Please, for God’s sake, speak up people!) – maybe they prefer text over the videos..

4. File Silze

The 1-2 minute video below is 10 megs. Once I start adding more videos, and longer videos, their filesizes will be enormous. While I’m lucky enough to store them on YouTube, I’ll have a lot of copies on my HD, and I make a lot of HD/server backups to CD/DVD so this will eat away at space too.

Anyway, without further adieu, here’s the entry:

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13 Responses to “Everyone Needs a Break…”

  1. Hey Tyler. I’ve been trying to sign up and post for a long time, but it wasn’t working, I dunno why. I always check back on your blog because I like your posts. Personally, I prefer text over videos.

  2. Uzzz says:

    The audio lag ..is….not pleasent..that is all

  3. Tyler says:

    Yeah I don’t know why it does that. It’s probably becuase I’m just using my digital camera to record it (not digital video camera), and maybe it has bad/weird video on it.. although I don’t know why, as it saves as an .avi.. maybe a weird codec or something?

    Any ideas?

  4. brandon says:

    Combination text and video. As you said, getting the human element is a nice touch as opposed to cold text. =)

  5. Pierre says:

    yeah, I think having both is great…! Keep up the great work

  6. keith says:

    Hey, i think the vids are cool, but as brandon said, use text and vids.

  7. Matthew says:

    I prefer text overall but a video once in a while can be good!!

  8. John D says:

    The lag with audio is really bad…

    I like the videos a lot more than the text but you give a LOT more info when you write in text than video..you didnt really say much in the video about your sites, I think thats what most people want to read on your blog.

    If the video makes it quicker for you to do blog posts then I think you should stick with it, but still say the things you would say if you were going to write it.

    Buy a new digital camera that does video instead of losing it on poker Tyler 😉

    Let me know next time your playing haha 😉

  9. Me says:

    Text is better. You can have written in 2 lines what it took you 2 minutes to say.

  10. Bob Schmuck says:

    Well Tyler… I think the video could be a great addition to your blog because it gives us more of a feel of who you are.

    I vote for text and video.

  11. Rian M. says:

    You are really cute!


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