Happy New Year!

December 31, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Happy New Year everyone! Well, it’s not 2006 here until a bit over 5 hours, but you get the point.

I’ve actually been working quite well the past few days, getting a lot of work done. Going through my many daily e-mails which have built up, and getting a lot of my ‘todo’ list done.

A little while ago, I hired a talented vB skinner to redo PFO’s skin. This was needed not only to give the site a fresh new look, but also to showcase ads more, as well as to tie the forum together with the design of the front pages area, as the front area of PFO is gonna be converted to shtml/directory files, and lose the vBadvanced stuff. Later on I will have php and MySQL stuff added as well.

Once the new design is finished and is up, I’ll be increasing the prices of the ads, most notably the left side ads as they will now be sitewide and have much better exposure. I’m thinking of raising from $32 each to $50 each.

Here’s a shot:

I’ve been doing a ton of other work as well… bought 3 new vbulletin licences.. heh.. I get them for so cheap now since I’ve bought so many from Jelsoft.

MovieForums.org should be moved to my server soon.

MMAForums.net I’m going to have designed by another vB skinner I know, as he did work for me in the past and gives you a very decent skin for an extremely affordable cost.

Today I just about gave myself a brain hemmorage trying to fiddle around with mod_rewrite, part of my custom CMS, and other things, and with the help of my programmer Zeeshan, I/we finally got it going. I won’t get into it, but it basically is a PR-leakage plug; it prevents undeserved external links from absorbing the site’s PR. Glad that’s finally done. We’ll see how it helps during the next PR update.

Looking for a good site to buy.. keep on checking SPF and DNF for good sites.. I need something to replace DF… I’m going to invest $11,000. Anyone know any good sites that want around that price range that are for sale?

Ahh… work work work.. once I finish this ‘todo’ list though I’m gonna take a little break and ease from my sites a bit again, since I got a fare bit of work done.

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8 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. benjamin says:

    Great work Tyler. I love the new skin for PFO. I think that the skin looks like it is engulfed by ads

  2. Sohaib says:

    Excellent move with the mod_rewrite mod, hopefully I can implement something like that on my forums to prevent any PR leakage.

  3. Hey Tyler, everything looks good! I was wondering though what you mean by this: “I’ll be increasing the prices of the ads, most notably the left side ads as they will now be sitewide and have much better exposure. I’m thinking of raising from $32 each to $50 each.”

    Just that you’re going to charge more for the ad space? Is that like 50 a month or week or what?

  4. benjamin says:

    It is by a month, go here and see the advertising prices Advertising Prices for Poker Forums

  5. Tyler says:

    Right. So just counting the side ads, that’s $18 more a month each; right now there are 11 there, so 11*18 would be $198, so $200 more a month right there. Which isn’t a lot, but the design will be bringing other things with it aside from ad benefits. Anyhow, I’ll probably be increasing from $50 after a while anyhow, but want to see how much demand there will be for it first.

  6. Chris Gwynne says:

    Buy my site off me if you want; contact me; chris@chrisgwynne.com

  7. guk6kk says:

    Nice skin.

    ASXVideos.com is for sale for only $1,500 on Sitepoint.

  8. Tyler says:

    Looking for 5 figures sites..


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