Here’s Your Chance… Don’t Miss It!

December 22, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

For six months in a row I’ve held back-to-back affiliate marketing competitions with MarketLeverage. These competitions have been a huge success and I’d like to thank MarketLeverage for sponsoring them.

Due to the large amount of contests (and therefore large amount of prizes) MarketLeverage has held with various blogs and sites during the past few months, they’ve decided to take a break for a month or two to catch up on a backlog of shipping and take a bit of a breather. Don’t worry, they’ll be back and plan to sponsor more contests on my blog soon.

This is where your opportunity comes in. I’ve received dozens upon dozens of complaints from publishers who had already registered to MarketLeverage and therefore were not eligible to compete in my affiliate marketing competitions. It’s surprising how many people actually, considering I’ve referred close to 150 publishers to MarketLeverage which I consider to be a lot.

This occurred largely in part because MarketLeverage ran a ton of promotions on other blogs at the same time as mine and some of my readers had joined through others, and partly because they had purchased some banners on my blog and some of my readers signed up through their banners which did not count as my referrals.

Well, here’s the chance for all of you who were not eligible for my ML contests to finally join in and participate, for I’ve teamed up with the affiliate network!

Affiliate Marketing Challenge 8 Prelaunch

I’ve spoken to the CEO of XY7 who is excited to sponsor the Affiliate Marketing Challenge 8. If you’re not already familiar with XY7, they are known in the industry for throwing huge contests and giving away crazy prizes.

Since this will be their first contest on my blog, they opted to start with a more conservative prize total, but I can guarantee you that if the first competition goes well that their next one will be considerably larger.

If MarketLeverage is the angel of affiliate networks, then XY7 is definitely the devil. They are flashy, loud, and generally just like to do things BIG. It’s just a branding and stylistic difference; as a functioning affiliate network they still provide great support and high payouts.

For an example of how XY7 “rolls”, here are a few videos which will help explain things better:

Lamborghini Gallardo Dream Ride


Hummer Limo


One of the many XY7 Parties


There’s another video but it’s a bit too racy to post on my blog 🙂

So this is the type of thing you can expect in terms of prizes from XY7 in the future: roundtrip flights to Vegas including hotel and limo pickup, Lamborghini rentals, private party invitations, etc.

But again, to start, XY7 will be starting off with a smaller budget to see how things go first. If things go well like they did for MarketLeverage, watch out because the prizes will be obscene.

Register Now

The Affiliate Marketing Challenge 8 will start on January 1st, but I recommend registering now so that you can get approved and all set up by the time I unveil the competition in just a week and a half.

To sign up, register through THIS LINK. Remember, you must be my referral in order to participate.

Here’s your chance, don’t miss out!

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29 Responses to “Here’s Your Chance… Don’t Miss It!”

  1. Tushar says:

    Wow Tyler, this is great.

    You’re really turning out to be the king of contests.

  2. How do I tell if you referred me? I already have an account with them.

  3. Glen Allsopp says:

    It looks like these kind of competitions are really working out well for you Tyler.

    Did you go to XY7 yourself or did they go to you?

  4. Finally a competition I can join, times it just right as I should be going full time at this pretty soon 🙂

  5. BusinessX says:

    The too racy XY7 video is tantalizing, now I have to go search it out.

    This video could be marketed like the GoDaddy commercials which were too hot for the SuperBowl.

  6. Ahhh Tyler, you’re so lucky to have all these contest sponsorships. Do you ever wonder what your blog would be like if there aren’t any of these compeitions?


  7. Problogineer says:

    wow, nice contest there
    Excited to know about the prizes
    will signup for sure.

  8. Carlito says:

    I’ve been meaning to try this out. I just registered under your link Tyler.

    Anyone knows how long it takes before you get approved?

  9. TheAnand says:

    the link to xy7 does not work…it shows me a database error.

  10. shafi says:

    What happened to Affiliate Marketing Challenge 7 ?

  11. browie says:

    Ah, sucks again. I’m already an affiliate with XY7. 🙁

  12. mangatoread says:

    Whoa. More contest..
    I will join it..

  13. Sweet. I love checking out your contest. I had just signed up to play in this one and waiting for approval. I think I’ll play in Jan for sure.

  14. Chris M says:

    I really should have made an effort to join ML :/

  15. I want to join neverblueads under you guide me

  16. Jeff says:

    Hey there,

    I signed up using one of the links from your teaser post hoping to get a head start on the contest, but haven’t heard back from them. Not an email or anything. Do you have a contact that I should try to get into touch with?

  17. mmm says:

    Well i think i will signup now 😀

  18. john says:

    Sounds great, Tyler! I just signed up with XY7 under your affiliate link… just waiting to get approved. 🙂


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