February 6, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz


I’m curious who, if any, of you lurkers are. So if you read my blog, please reply here so I know that there are actually people reading it. Otherwise I don’t see the point of writing…

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21 Responses to “Holler”

  1. Chris Gwynne says:

    You shouldn’t write solely to get comments..

  2. PigsnieLite says:

    I reads. And Pigsnoit does too, when I scream and pull his hair.

  3. Tyler says:

    Chris, I want to know if anyone is reading this. I don’t care about the comments. If not, then there’s no point in writing it anymore.

    I originally created this blog because numerous people told me to. This blog doesn’t serve any purpose to me other than perhaps giving myself something to read 5 years down the road.

  4. PigsnieLite says:

    Well, I want to read about how you’re making money since I dont haf any of my own. Its weird that people can actually make lots of money just by owning many many forums.

  5. Bhirst says:

    I check here about once a day

  6. Dave Starr says:

    I read too, when you update, Tyler. I think it’s interesting to learn from someone with a much different take on the ‘Net world than mine and someone who’s actually bringing in some dollars.

    There are some terrific business reasons today on Yaro’s blog:

    But, on the other hand, you are you, and if it’s an imposition, then don’t bother.

    Best regards

  7. Robert says:

    I am a new web developer, building my journey. I visit about every 2 days.

  8. Lord Brar says:

    I am in. 😉 BTW this is Lord Brar @ SPF and StreetLessons.com 🙂

  9. John D says:

    Stick on a stats script and see how many people are reading it 😉

  10. nate says:

    I read all of your entrys. I am a begining internet entreprener myself and I like reading blogs like yours and j0ns.

  11. Pierre says:

    Hey Chris, Just wanted to say hello, my name is Pierre, a Canuck from Montreal, I’m 24 and own Tennisrulz.com!

  12. benjamin says:

    I also read your blog, because you made your empire by fluke, legendary

  13. Brian says:

    i’ve been reading this because i am interested in how these forums can rake in so much dough. and how you get them built up fast enough to sustain the community.

  14. Well I read, like the others, in order to supplement my income. My blog is predominantly to advertise my dating coach services, which allows me to travel, help my fellow man, get laid AND get paid. A few extra paychecks from Googel Adsense & affiliates wouldn’t hurt either. So wow me. 😉

  15. Saadh says:

    Yeah, I read. I like reading blogs like yours once a week or so.

  16. John D says:

    Do many other people here run blogs about the same thing?
    I run my blog about my network of sites but just started it about a week ago, still finding it hard to post daily 😉

  17. Paul Fisher says:

    I stop by once in a while…

  18. Rian M. says:

    I read your blog from time to time. 😉

  19. I read regularly your posts and have you bookmarked. I don’t agree with some of the stuff you post but overall I learn a lot and enjoy reading.


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