HostGator Really Beefs Up Their Servers!

May 7, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

As you should know by now, I am a complete fanboy when it comes to HostGator and cannot recommend them highly enough.

I switched to them back in September of 2009 and have only had outstanding experiences with them to date.

So, I was delightfully surprised (although at the same time, not-so surprised) when I discovered in their newsletter that was sent out yesterday, that HostGator has increased the amount of bandwidth on all of their dedicated servers to 10TB. That’s 10,000 GB!

Depending on which dedicated server you had before, you were given between 1.5TB to 2.5TB, so this increase is really a MASSIVE improvement! Existing HostGator users don’t have to do anything to upgrade, and it doesn’t cost any extra. New users will get this by default. I recommend this cheap dedicated server for better security and performance.


Bandwidth Overages are Hella Expensive

I run a lot of websites, which in turn generate a fair bit of bandwidth. Bandwidth is one of those vital things that you need to have enough of, as overages are extremely expensive – even at my beloved HostGator – and you never know when you’ll need that safety net.

For example, many years ago, my movie site leaked behind-the-scene production stills from the then upcoming Star Wars: Episode 3 film. It quickly got viral around the web, being linked from websites such as and I wasn’t using HostGator way back then, and so all the newfound, expected traffic took down my server as well as leaving me with one hefty bill.

You never know when you might get on the first page of Digg or your site gets mentioned on TechCrunch – can your server handle all that traffic?

A couple of months ago I actually inquired to HostGator about increasing my allotted bandwidth on my dedicated server there.

They responded by telling me that it cost $0.30 per GB of bandwidth (prepaid). That’s $300 per TB of extra bandwidth! Ouch!

And their overage charges are $0.50 per GB. So, imagine that you launch a new website that goes viral really quick and in a few days you discover that you are 3,000 GB over your bandwidth limit – this would equate to a bill of $1,500.

Don’t blame HostGator for this, either. This is standard for hosting companies… in fact, many charge closer to $1.00 per GB overage.

Switch to the Best Web Hosting Company Now

I’m not afraid to promote HostGator so fiercely, because I’ve been nothing but impressed by them, and know that you’ll love them.

Don’t worry about all the complex mess and hassle of having to switch servers – HostGator will migrate your entire setup (websites, e-mails, etc.) free of charge.

Please keep in mind that the 10TB of bandwidth increase only applies to their dedicated servers (although their smaller servers are actually marked with “unlimited bandwidth”). However, they start at only $175/month so they’re really affordable.

If you’ve been contemplating about upgrading to a dedicated server, there’s no time better than now to do so.

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37 Responses to “HostGator Really Beefs Up Their Servers!”

  1. Dopewap says:

    Everyone tells me that hostgator is good.can u tell me how to advertise my blog just started it.

    • Lee Ka Hoong says:

      Yes many people are using Hostgator and love their support and hosting features, and prices too! Seems that you’re slightly off topic over here by asking how to advertise your blog, but you may get more information about how to promote your blog by asking our Big G (Google). 🙂

  2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Seems that Hostgator is trying to beat other web hosting company down. I’m using Hostgator as well and I strongly recommend it to anyone else too. Tyler, I’m using the Shared Hosting Baby Plan and I have up to 100 websites hosted in the same hosting (I share it with my brother), do you think I should actually get another hosting plan and host my websites (says 50 websites) myself?

    Do you think I should get VPS hosting instead of shared hosting?

    Lee Ka Hoong

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      If you’re not experiencing any slow loading issues with your websites, then there’s no need to upgrade. I also have a Baby plan with them (in addition to my dedicated) and have 2-3 dozen very small websites on it. However, I am noticing some small loading time issues compared to my dedicated server… but that could be related to other things as well.

      • Lee Ka Hoong says:

        Thanks for your recommendation Tyler. Between, my blog is having overload problem and has been suspended for several times. I believe that one of my blog is having overload problem, so Hostgator suspended the blog to secure other websites in the same hosting.

        I’m planning to upgrade to VPS, or should I just get another Baby Plan hosting and split the blog and websites with my brother? We have estimate 50 websites each, and comes to 100+ websites hosted in the same hosting right now.

        What you think Tyler?

  3. esryl says:

    iWeb give you this much bandwidth as standard, and they are Canadian 🙂 Top class.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      The main reason I love HostGator is because of their support, not their servers 🙂

      • I used to use HostGator for that reason, even though I know they get their servers from The Planet (they even actively state this on their website). However, I have since moved over to other hosting providers such as JaguarPC due to them having better security since, some of my sites kept getting hacked on HostGator and their security team took forever to respond!

      • I never had to consent to their support.
        I guess may its because of my minimal requirements or just the great service that they offer anyways.

  4. I also have a VPS account with HostGator and am more than happy with them.

    Besides their office is only 2 hours away from where I live

  5. Jonathan says:

    I also use and love HostGator. I switched to them just after you did, on your recommendation actually, and I have been extremely happy ever since.

  6. Nice marketing move from HostGator. This will not only give them more customers but they will also reduce the possibility of losing customers too.
    I might give HostGator a go though, I read many great reviews about them

  7. Well, I have been using hostgator for past 1 year and haven’t experienced a downtime for a single day…
    It just rocks!

  8. George says:

    Yeah Hostgator rocks. I got referred to them when I first started building websites back in 2007 and since then I have been very happy with their service and support I recommend it to all my clients.

  9. Jasmine says:

    HostGator is a great web hosting company. The 10TB only makes their dedicated server offering sweeter! Hooray!!

  10. Ramon says:

    Still waiting for your post about the new site you bought Tyler 😀

    • If you watch the Flippa video (I watched it live on the GoToMeeting) you can work out which site it is. I’m not going to reveal what it is, although I will say the site is a great buy and has a lot of potential!

  11. Host-gator definitely are the best, they hosting my blog and im happy to new their server is bigger so if my blog gets huge in a few years, i wont have to switch!

  12. I have never use HostGator, but I’ve always heard good things. If I run into issues with my current host I might give them a try. I actually have a site that’s causing some issues (receives over 20,000 e-mails daily) so HostGator might be a good fit 🙂

  13. All of my clients web sites are hosted on hostgator – Never had a problem so far.

    I think hostgator was founded by a college kid if I’m not mistaken.

  14. I love hostgator they are the best.

    • I used to use them, however, I have since migrated over to other hosting providers. Despite migrating over, I would still recommend them to people since they are better than other hosting providers I have used.

  15. George Tee says:

    I am using hostgator for my blog too. Tyler, I love how you say “The main reason I love HostGator is because of their support, not their servers :-)” Most of the time, its the customers satisfaction that matters. The companies that truly value their customers needs are well loved.

  16. I read this too as some of my sites are on Hostgator. They have definitely stepped it up bigtime and unless the others follow suit to compete, I think I will be moving all of my sites to them.

  17. paul says:

    Host Gator sounds pretty awesome!

  18. Hostgator it’s among the best hosting companies but I will stay to my wordpress hosting for the time being.

  19. used tires says:

    One of these days I will switch over to Hostgator. I am satisfied with SoftLayer but definitely would love the support that you get from Hostgator.


  20. Guys, I think HostGator has an affiliate program. RIght?
    If I promote HostGator I might get the money to pay for the hosting each month. And I will be happy!
    What do you think?

  21. hostgator really has stepped up their game and they are a great service. I am not surprised you talk about them as much as you do. And yes Bandwidth can get really expensive so Hostgator is a great choice to avoid obnoxious bills and overages.

  22. I too am a big fan of HostGator, and their sister company SEOHosting. They’ve always treated me well, particularly with quick responses to support tickets.

  23. I’m still in blogger platform with blogspot part. And I’m looking for a good hosting company.. So with this article I think hostgator is good for me.

  24. I like the new design a lot, but I'm still gonna coin some improvements. 1) see who added your video to the favorites. 2) add quicklist-plusses for promoted videos and video responses and 3) add a counter to the comment-forms so we now when we reach 500 characters. I've enabled the last 2 myself via greasemonkey, I know how easy it is 😉 you're welcome to ask me for help 😀 hahaha


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