How To Increase Your Chances Of Achieving Your Goals

November 11, 2011 Posted by Sté Kerwer

The recent success of Tyler in his weight-loss challenge with his mate Paul inspired me to write the following post about ways to increase your chances of achieving your goals.

Reaching a goal usually means you’ll get some kind of reward – you’ll be able to wear that bikini or you’ll be able to take that dream vacation or you’ll feel better because you stopped smoking thanks to the use of products from IQOS UAE. And if you’re looking for a tobacco-free alternative, nicotine pouches like the ones at provide a convenient way to enjoy nicotine with a variety of flavors and strengths.

Everyone has goals but very few people actually reach them. Here are some things you can do to increase your chances of achieving your goals.

Clearly state your goal:

The best way to achieve any goal is to plot a course for success. Before you can do that, you need to know your exact destination. You wouldn’t start off on a vacation by saying ‘I’m going to visit Ohio’. You’d pick a specific city so you could map out your route.

The same holds true for your goal. It’s not enough to say ‘I want to make more money.’ How much more do you want to make? If you only want to make $100 more each month then it might just take a couple of extra hours of work. But if you want to make an additional $1,000 per month, it’s going to take more planning and effort to reach your goal.

Set a time limit:

Give yourself a specific amount of time to achieve your goal. Otherwise you’ll dawdle along the way and eventually you’ll become completely distracted. Anyone can eventually make an extra $1000 per month. You want to make it by this time next year so you can finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

Be reasonable:

Setting goals is one thing, but setting lofty goals just means you’re setting yourself up for failure. It’s impossible to lose 100 pounds in a month and still be healthy. Just like it’s impossible to earn $1 million in a weekend. If you always set your goals impossibly high then you’ll always feel like a failure.

Have a plan:

It doesn’t matter what your goal is, if you don’t have a plan for reaching it, you’re destined for failure. Don’t forget – you need to plot a course for success. If you weigh 150 pounds and your goal is to reach 120, how do you plan to lose those 30 pounds? You can’t just wish them away. And you can’t set a reasonable goal unless you know how you plan to accomplish it. If the diet you’re going to follow promises you’ll lose 5 pounds per week, then you know it’s going to take at least 6 weeks to achieve your goal.

Break it down:

Break your goals down into manageable pieces. For example, if you want to increase your income by $1000 per month, start by increasing it by $25 per week. Once you’ve reached that goal, bump it up to $50 per week. When you break your goals down into smaller objectives, you’ll see gradual, steady progress toward your final goal which will help you stay motivated to succeed.

Chart your progress:

One way to visually break your goals into smaller pieces and help keep yourself motivated at the same time, is to chart your progress. Visualization helps you stay focused.

Let’s say you want to increase your monthly earnings by $1,000.00. Just looking at your bank balance once a month isn’t going to help you stay focused. Create a chart you can hang on the wall, right over your desk and start charting your weekly progress. As you see those numbers start to climb you’ll be motivated to step up your efforts even more.

Be prepared for detours:

Even the best laid plans are sometimes subject to detours. You’ve lost 20 of those 30 pounds you wanted to lose and here comes your neighbor with a plate full of cupcakes or here comes your buddy to tempt you with cigarettes. Maybe you’ve just about hit your $1000 a month mark and one of your websites crashes. Suffering a set-back or giving in to a little temptation does not mean you failed. However, if you don’t correct your course after these detours you’ll miss your goal by miles.

Be prepared for small bumps in the road and you’ll increase your chances of achieving your goals. Look at your chart, look at what you’ve already accomplished, look at the next little piece you have to work on and keep the big picture in mind. The hardest part about achieving goals is overcoming those little obstacles that pop up in your path. Stay focused on your destination instead of those obstacles and you’ll soon be 30 pounds lighter or $1000 a month richer or a non-smoker, or whatever your goal may be!

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15 Responses to “How To Increase Your Chances Of Achieving Your Goals”

  1. Radu says:

    The tips are really great. Even though they can’t be applied to all people most of them are true.

  2. Great tips on having goals, thanks if you dream it you can achieve it!

  3. used tires says:

    Excellent post, Sté. I also believe the first step of any goal is a well thought out plan toward achieving that goal. Just randomly aspiring to do something without analyzing if it is even realistically possible is a trap many fall into, thus leading to never achieving what they set out to. I have often aborted certain goals once I realized after soem detailed planning that it was not a realistic one whereas some other goals, I was able to see through because it made sense while planning it out.


  4. I liked the being prepared for detours part… My plan to achieve my goals don’t allow for detours! (ha ha). Your point about staying focused is well taken. Thanks for a good article!

  5. You must have goals in your business plan, but you must be ready at all times to amend and renew your goals. Within the Internet and IT industry changed the rules every day, so was not tied to your goal.

  6. Kelli says:

    Yet another blog about time management that makes me feel guilty!

  7. I think the biggest change has been in body composition, and I’m not sure if I’m happy with it. I’ve lost mass and feel less defined. It’s only been 3+weeks, so this might be a temporary thing while my body adjusts.

  8. It’s the most important factor that you which increase your sites popularity and visibility. here you will found some important points that you provide traffic and are very helpful get your business high position. THANKS!

  9. Among these points, I find the last one as the most important thing in achieving our goals, preparing ourselves for any detours. It is very important for us to know how we could prepare ourselves for any possible changes that we’ll experienced in the long run so it is the best way for us to maintain our alternative plan/plans that could help us back on track. Otherwise, we’ll ended up hanging from nowhere.

  10. Nice post! I think having clear objectives and right down all the goals and the steps to reach it is for sure the best way to get what you want!

  11. Really Good post for everyone living in this world. Because this can be applied to everything. Goal can drives us to achieving that goal. So It’s very useful thing to have. Your article help me to break down my dreams into tiny particles and make it happen easily.!


  12. Cheap PS3 says:

    I soo loved the tips. When you put it that way, success is simple. (Simple, but NOT easy – persistence is where most people fail, I believe. They run out of patience and dump previous plans, instead of ensuring their plans are solid or just persisting until they get results).

    Thanks Ste! Seriously, you inspired me with this post. Definitely going to read again every time I feel unmotivated, lol.

  13. the most important thing is to know exactly what you want. Having a plan is important. I myself do not set any time limits as sometimes goals can take longer to be achieved than we think.

  14. banka says:

    Yet another blog about time management that makes me feel guilty!

  15. the most important thing is to know exactly what you want. Having a plan is important. I myself do not set any time limits as sometimes goals can take longer to be achieved than we think.


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