I Bought a Blackberry Pearl

August 23, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I was shopping around for an MP3 player to use while playing poker at the casino, and was surprised to find them range in price from $40 to $500. I knew that I’d never need to fit the 20,000 songs that some of them can fit, and so was about to get one of the cheaper ones. But then, being the minimalist I am, I didn’t exactly want another device to carry around, so I decided to just upgrade my cell into an MP3 phone.

Now, my old (as of yesterday) phone was a Samsung x426 which served me well over the years. I never had any problems with it, but really all it could do was…. well… call people. I didn’t have a camera or anything on it, and while it did have Internet access, it took literally 10-15 minutes just to log-in and check your e-mail. So, coupled with the fact that I was seeking an MP3 player, a new phone felt in order.

I was planning on just getting a basic decent upgrade… but once I saw the Blackberry Pearl I just had to get it. I mean.. it called out to me. It said “Pick me! Pick me!”… and I couldn’t just leave him there… that’d just be wrong.

Anyhow, here’s a video I took of it to show it off. All this technology is new to me so forgive me if I sound a bit excited. Oh, and if somebody (preferably a Blackberry Pearl owner) could please let me know about my e-mail question I ask in the video, It’d be very much appreciated.

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12 Responses to “I Bought a Blackberry Pearl”

  1. Click Input says:

    I can’t comment on Blackberry’s, but I upgraded to my first PocketPC recently too and got an HTC Touch. Texting isn’t as quick now, but otherwise it’s all good.

  2. Benny says:

    Cool stuff! How much did it cost you?

  3. Nice toy you have there 😉

  4. justinchelf says:

    You need to set up settings in gmail so once the blackberry downloads then they will be deleted or stored in archive. There is no way to get it so where you delete it on gmails side though and it deletes from phone ahahha i wish.


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    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I don’t know though.. because my Hotmail account on my BB seems to be in sync as it only shows 1 e-mail right now. But my Gmail shows 167…. any ideas?

      • This is probably because you’re using POP3. As far as I know that’s all that, Gmail and Hotmail support. So you’re basically out of luck unless you switch to a provider that supports IMAP.

  5. krillz says:

    Was that you rapping in the beginning?

  6. John Beck says:

    I think its cheaper on ebay

  7. Nathan says:

    That is a nice phone, has a lot of features. I cant afford such a thing though, I heard they cost extra compared to other phone plans for data usage.

  8. Nice phone gonna get one of these puppies on boxing day

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