If You Aren’t Making At Least $75 A Day Online Then You Are Doing Something Wrong

February 5, 2011 Posted by Mark Riddix

The following is a guest blog post:

Do you wish that you were able to make money online? While it would be great to have a $25,000 monthly income; most people would be happy just making a couple extra grand a month online.

Making money online is not an easy task. It takes perseverance, passion, and having a plan. If you aren’t making at least $75 a day online, then you are doing something wrong. If you are relying solely on ad income to make money online then you are fighting a losing battle. Selling ads was a great way to make money in the 90’s but the game has changed since then. There is a lot more competition for ad income today. You need a battle tested plan that will help you make money online.

In my first few months of blogging I was making very little at all in the form of online income. I didn’t have any companies advertising on my site. My blog traffic was nonexistent and ad networks were paying me about $2 to $3 bucks a day. It took me about three months to figure out how to start making money online. It shouldn’t take you that long. I am going to show you a few ways that you can give a quick boost to your daily earnings.

Freelance Writing Gigs

I am sure that you already know about the power of guest posts. They can get your name out there and help bring traffic to your website. There are some posts that are better than guest posts. Those are paid posts. You get all of the benefits of a guest post and you get paid too.

You might be surprised to know that you can make a ton of dough writing online when you have a new blog. Major and minor sites alike both crave content on a day to day basis. They need someone to provide them with interesting posts that their readers would enjoy. Writing for other sites is great because:

(1) you can generate a cashflow while your blog is still young.

(2) you can get links to your site which brings in more traffic.

(3) you can increase your site’s ranking with high PR back links.

Writing on other websites quickly built my authority in my niche. My site started to get a lot more traffic from published articles in the New York Times, Forbes, Investopedia. I was then able to build a readership and start selling ad space directly to advertisers. My site Buy Like Buffett grew to become a very popular website where people would come to learn all about stocks and bonds. This gave me a market for my ebooks, newsletters and other products that my site’s readers would enjoy. A consistent blogging income quickly grew from a couple of writing jobs.

Now I have one site exclusively devoted to teaching people how to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing

Another great money making avenue is affiliate marketing. If you are reading Tyler Cruz’s blog, then you must know something about marketing and affiliate marketing is a great way to make cash on the Internet.  Affiliate marketing is all about traffic. New blogs have a difficult time in the affiliate marketing game because they have so little traffic.

You can be a successful affiliate marketer with a small blog if you build up a large email list, Twitter account, and Facebook Group. You don’t have to add 100 new people a day to your list to have success. You can add 5 to 10 a day as long as you are consistently growing your list.

The biggest mistake that most new bloggers make is waiting to build an email list, start a Facebook Page or have a Twitter account. I let more than 2 years go by before I realized the potency of these products. I finally set up my email list and Twitter account just a few months ago and have been able to consistently grow them. I launched a Facebook Page with my newest site just a little while ago. Sometimes I think about all of the lost revenue potential by not capturing those readers emails.

You can learn from my mistake and start building up these lists from Day One. That way you will save yourself the trouble of scrambling to do it later. Imagine the power of your affiliate offers if you had an email list of 5,000 and a Twitter list of 10,000 targeted followers. If you just convert 4% of those users, you would have 600 affiliate sales. Social media allows you to be a successful affiliate marketer even with a new blog.

Blog Network

Who says that you should only build one blog at a time when you start your blogging career? Forget that advice. You can multiply your earnings power by starting a blog network from day one. Instead of waiting for one site to become a giant money making machine, you could develop 3 or 4 mini money makers at the same time.

One blog could cover a specific niche like pet training and another blog could cover a totally different niche like childcare. Your third blog could deal with SEO tips for new bloggers. All three blogs are completely unrelated so there is no overlap and they all increase your chances of finding a winning niche. You could start off each blog with 50 posts and spend the rest of your time promoting the sites.

You could build a nice chunk of income by compiling the income of all your sites into one big revenue stream. This way you can devote the majority of your time to your biggest moneymaker and have the other sites adding to your passive income.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the ways that you can make money online. There are so much more out there like for example, you can buy aldi stock because it’s a good investment. My money strategy is that the first 180 days you should be making most of your money outside of your blog. After that your blog should be generating the majority of your income.

This is a post written by Mark Riddix. Mark is a blogger who specializes in Making Money Online and Investing. He blogs at Mark Riddix dot com and has recently written the ebook, How To Make $2,000 A Month Online.

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23 Responses to “If You Aren’t Making At Least $75 A Day Online Then You Are Doing Something Wrong”

  1. Geez says:

    What a lame article. First, if someone isn’t making $75 a day, they aren’t necessarily doing something wrong. They more than likely are building a brand which takes time and income slowly builds.

    As a matter of fact, your article is just another crappy summary of what 100’s of other make money online bloggers post. Except you do have an exceptionally boring and bland writing style – congrats on standing out from a crowd of talentless hacks.

    Furthermore, you never really address how one can make $75 a day. You just posted make money online spam. Taking a look at your blog it’s full of make money online spam. You’re just one of many make money online blogging trash.

    The Mark Riddix scam to make money online is to be totally unoriginal and do what 100’s of others are doing and hope for pennies. I feel that I owe something to the people you just spammed…

    My advice to the reader, stop listening to these empty, gutless, and moronic make money online ‘gurus’. I mean for fuck’s sake Mark’s blog is a retread of tons of other pointless make money online blog spam. His modus operandi is to make you feel awful that you’re not making $75 a day so he can grab your email for his meaningless ebook. That way he can spam your address and go after those pennies!

    Listen, follow your passions, the money will come. It will take time. Precious time that you shouldn’t be spending on drivel like Mark Riddix.

  2. Seth says:

    LOL I agree with Geez. This is one of the worst posts I have ever read on Tyler’s blog. Total garbage that has been repeated a 1000 times on a 1000 different blogs by beginners who don’t have a clue how to make money online.

    Tyler, you need to select your guest posts better than this.

  3. Yea this one and the last guest post were both pretty awful…

  4. Ike says:

    Boring. Couldn’t read more after the first paragraph.

  5. Phoebe says:

    I read one more post like this I swear I will write an ebook on how affiliate marketers talk crap lmao. Joking. This has all been said before, tell us something we haven’t read already… Why i skimmed over after the first paragraph, so I was lucky I didn’t read it all, like the poor folks above me did. 🙁

  6. You should have touched on and revolved around much better income methods such as list building.

    Plus, I think if someone isn’t making $75/month with their site, it could have to do with a number of factors. They might be a low traffic/spending niche. They might not be writing interesting content. They also might not be driving traffic to their site.

  7. webtechlife says:

    I totally disagree with your point if a person is not making $75 a day does’t mean that he doing something wrong.

  8. To be honest I still make the most out of private advertisers 🙂 it still works. Good post though

  9. Paul B says:

    I think anybody not making $2000 a day is a useless tw@t. It’s easy. Just do some stuff. That’s about as meaningful as this post.

    I know you want to post more often but for Christs sake, you could have found something better than this junk on ezine articles.

  10. Whatis says:

    Good info, I agree with you, most people who say “generated 100 of the head or generated as much money did a very long time. There are so many ways to lose your time online Scarry is. Mon only need to apply to their current MLM, do not say they are, but actually applying themselves and who will bear fruit. If a person brought in just 2 hours on wages, talking with potential partners and monitoring, only two hours a day at the end of a year, you should come with a lot of money if it is not income 5 / 6 figure.

  11. Mike says:

    Wow Tyler. You lost some serious street cred with this garbage guest post. I’ve always held your blog (and you) in very high regard and it’s one of the few that I take the time to read when I’m not distracted by other stuff.

    You can imagine my disappointment when I cleared some time to catch-up on your posts, and my time was wasted by this garbage.

    This isn’t even “Blogging 101” level. This is the online equivalent of kindergarten knowledge. Come-on…

    So, Tyler, you may have gotten a “free post” but you lost money/faction/thought/whatever in my book.

  12. there is nothing wrong if you are not earning $75 a day…
    such a lame post..

  13. Jasmine says:

    Perhaps something is wrong with me… I am not making $75 a day… haha.

  14. i started my first website 2 months ago. until today, i didn’t even get any penny. i’m not sure where is the problem. but i’m keep trying to get at least get $1. sometimes i feel like i wanna quit doing this.

  15. This post cracks me up. Maybe you’re the one who’s not making any money online & you’re just hating on those that are at least making $75. And why haven’t Tyler or the post author responded to anyone’s comments?

  16. thats a wonderful post. I also thought direct advertising was easy but you really need a lot of trafffic, a lot of rss subscribers, good alexa ranking,etc. to attract them. I think 100$ a day the goal for many of us.

  17. Spy Cameras says:

    I find it very different from $75 a day – some days I net $900-$1000 and other days I see no sales at all

    I don’t think I have ever had a steady flow of $75 a day

  18. Wow, these were some inspirational tips.
    I really guess 75$ a day is a nice aim for starters like me and it is a goal to achieve.

  19. From now on, I will start writing for other websites and will do guest posts to get some more quality traffic to my website. Thanks for this nice post.

  20. Well, not at all times do acquiring $75 a day works. Perhaps this hold true to great blogs out there but a no-no for new blog around.


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