Interview with Ryan Gray of Internet University

June 19, 2010 Posted by Tyler Cruz

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I’ve done many interviews, reviews, and screencasts in the past, but for the first time ever I’m doing all 3 combined in 1!

After much trial and error, I finally rigged up a system that allowed me to do this. It sounds easier to set up than it is. In fact, Ryan and I actually had to re-record the entire interview yesterday as we did the whole thing a few days ago but I messed up the audio recording and also Ryan’s power went out near the end of the recording.

It’s a very long screencast interview, at 1 hour and 20 minutes, but it’s filled with a lot of great content and is worth the watch. It’s set up so that you can see both mine and Ryan’s computer screen as we talk about Internet University, internet marketing, and making money online in general.

Again, this is the first time I’ve ever done this sort of thing, so please share your feedback in the comments below.


If the name Ryan Gray sounds familiar, it may be because he wrote a guest post on my blog last year or because he’s one of the twins from

The Super Affiliate Twins do upwards of $600,000+ a month using various marketing techniques, and last month they launched Internet University which is an online membership-based training school/system on how to make money online.

There is a lot covered in the interview, especially near the end, so be sure to watch the whole thing if you can.

You can watch the entire 1 hour and 20 minute screencast below:

(Note: You may need to visit the post directly at if you’re reading this via e-mail or RSS in order to see it)   

Special Discount for Readers

As Ryan explains at the end of the screencast, the normal monthly cost for Internet University is $3.22 a day ($99.95 a month). For the month of June, to celebrate Internet University’s 1-month-anniversary, they’re offering a special rate of $2.25 a day ($69.96 a month).

However, they’re offering an even better discount to readers at $59.95 a month ($1.93 a day).

Just be sure to use the the coupon code: F57B4B0113 when signing up.

As far as I’m aware, this is the cheapest discount available. I think that they’re able to give you guys an added discount on it since I’m not using an affiliate link (since this is a paid review), meaning that they can pass on some of that extra affiliate cost they’re saving onto you.

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42 Responses to “Interview with Ryan Gray of Internet University”

  1. What software is that? POWERFUL stuff, I need to start doing some video posts, but don’t even have my mic working yet :-/

    Great post/review though for sure, thanks Tyler!

  2. superfailures says:

    Yeah these supposed gurus make over 600k a month and now they wanna start teaching people how to get into this business and compete with them.

    Yeah right.

    Super affiliate twins? more like the acai berry has dried up and now we don’t know how to sell anything else twins. If theres a guru trying to sell you a internet marketing course when they themselves are internet marketers. Just turn the other way. Chances are your paying for someone to feed you bullshit thats posted everywhere else for free.

    Im not saying its not possible to make 600k a month. Just realize that because these two guys made a lot of money selling rebill products that they know anything about marketing at all. Otherwise they wouldn’t be wasting there time with a bunch of noobies for 100$ a month.

    • Soares says:


      that really makes us think….is it true?

      Maybe yes or maybe not think about it…there are loads of entrepeneurs,etc that have a blog and show how people can make some money with x or y idea…for free!

      What would make anyone pay to have access a thing that ussually its free?

      But on the other side maybe they only pass certain things that are not available to the “normal” person or they explain it like a home teacher.

      Lets see what the future bring us!


    • Ryan Gray says:


      You’re funny! You want to talk bad about my program but you don’t even want to post under your real name! Watch the interview above. You’ll get a little bit more understanding of who we are and what we do. We have a ton of media buys still running and not one is a rebill! As I explained to Tyler in the above interview the rebill products were a disaster waiting to happen and that’s why I didn’t focus my business around them!

      Additionally we still own multiple web properties that make money via selling advertisements and not promoting affiliate products. We teach others how to do this in our SEO module!

      Hope you have a nice weekend, bud.

      – Ryan

      • superfailures says:

        cool so you sell rehashed shit to noobs for 100$ a month like all the other useless courses out there. Thanks for clearing that up.

      • You will always have “haters” who feel the need to bash people. The funny thing is, not everybody learns or works the same way. So when there are multiple people out there who want and need information it is great that there are a variety of the same information out there in different formats. The noobs need to start someplace don’t they.

  3. Wesley says:

    Interesting, haven’t watched it all yet, because it’s an hour and twenty minutes!

    What would be nice is also to have a condensed version no more than 10 minutes as well.

    Or simply use a video website that has a chapter system, so you can split the video in different chapters (still in 1 video, just shortcuts to specific times). (Are there any though? :))

    And lastly, an (automatically generated) transcript would also be recommended (and would probably be good for SEO).

    • Ryan Gray says:

      It is a bit long but I think we did a really good job covering everything in our program. You can really turn it on and listen while you browse the Internet and then switch over when you want to see something on the screen!

      – Ryan

  4. Hi guys,

    I’m kind of thinking about the Internet University. But I really don’t have time to be active right now. So as soon as I find the time I will attend. Thanks for sharing.

    Kind regards,

  5. Retard says:

    Do I get a free bottle of snake oil with purchase?

  6. Darren says:

    Hey Ryan! If you are reading this or anyone else can answer, please do; wanted to ask you marketing guys some questions. I am an work as a professional PHP programmer and have always been amazed at the marketing prodigies (as I call them). The biggest thing that daunts me in internet marketing is I look at it like the stock market if you are doing PPC and a long wait if you are doing natural SEM. I also have not gone into it a lot because I look at it like you have to be able to get a ton of content.

    Do you really have to have a lot of money to get started?

    How long does it take before you see results if you are doing natural SEM or PPC?

    Do you guys think it is possible for a programmer to get into a marketers mindset? If something seems unrealistic I tend to not move forward with it. Lately the only things I have found success in marketing were creating large domain content parking systems for people I work with. Is it better to automate your content (e.g. get it from feeds or spider a site) than have someone write for you?

  7. Paulymath says:

    Cool interview. The program looks very interesting.

    Congrats on your success Ryan, and I applaud you for taking the time to create a product like this to share your success with others.

    I think it’s awesome when people share stuff like this. I think a lot of people question or are skeptical about the intentions of someone sharing their “secrets” because they think from the perspective that if someone makes $600k+ / year, why would they “waste” their time teaching their secrets to “newbies”.

    The thing is that money isn’t the only motivator in life – helping and sharing things with people is a huge motivator as well, so I totally understand that drive to share. When I do coaching/mentoring with my students I enjoy it immensely, and I love teaching people how to make money online.

    There’s nothing as exciting as helping someone else succeed. It’s the juice that fuels us as entrepreneurs and human beings.

    Good luck with your program!


  8. Julius says:

    Yeah the interview was a bit too long, but I’m glad I sat through it and took lots of good notes. Thanks

  9. Thats a crazy increase in followers. You must be doing something right. 🙂

  10. Renault says:

    Nice interview thank you

  11. teknoloji says:

    Im skeptical as others. I have tried most of the gurus but they are usually for newbies who just start. Same bluff texts of motivation and how you focus on work etc etc.

    If this is promising something, i might check it out

  12. I’m kind of thinking about the Internet University.

  13. AffiliateKid says:

    I want to know if you guys are making so much money why you’re charging for your material beyond greed. Why not make it free? I am under the impression with this interview that you are trying to take advantage of people desperate because they’ve lost their livelihood during this recession.

    • David says:

      It’s most definitely not unreasonable for someone to want to make something off of something they’ve put their own time, money, and effort into.

      If you think you can get the information they’re providing for free, definitely go for it, but you might find that with a service like this that you’ll get higher quality information and you’ll likely get a lot better support with Q&As etc.

  14. @AffiliateKid: Perhaps they want to also just have another income stream on the side. They may have resource they need to pay for the creation of this and they dont want to have to pay through profits of anything else and make it all messy.

    They are offering good material and not asking much to provide it. I dont really see the issue.

  15. Very cool interview. This may be worth trying for a month.

  16. Wow that was a very Interesting interview. I kept on going *start *pause (write some new information down) *start *pause throughout the whole interview because there was just so much good stuff!

  17. He started his PPC efforts in May of 2008 and had a username of “s550″. That is the model for one of Mercedes luxury cars. Well believe it or not, this past month, he bought a CLS550.

  18. Very cool interview – there are def. guys out there making bank every month

    create your own products , get an army of affiliates and have a successful launch

  19. aggelies says:

    I think that most of these products are targeted to beginners, so they get a step by step plan to get the basics. Usually the value added is the support somebody gets, from people who are knowing what they are doing and what is working.
    Nonetheless, interesting interview!

  20. Bidet says:

    This is a great interview thanks for sharing it with us. Also thanks for giving us the discount to Internet University, it looks like a great program.

  21. Property says:

    Ryan Gray is a good guy. I once read him in a magazine. By Then, I am his fan.

  22. If theres a guru trying to sell you a internet marketing course when they themselves are internet marketers

  23. soveci says:

    Usually the value added is the support somebody gets, from people who are knowing what they are doing and what is working.
    Nonetheless, interesting interview!

  24. The super affiliate twins are really cool guys, read an interview on another blog about them, which is how I initially learned about them, and the best part of all, is they like wrestling, which is a huge personal hit with me!

  25. Interesting, my budget is blown for this month already though

  26. That’s amusing that a Canadian resident is hosting a contest that might only be open to US residents. This contest would have potential for some good marketing exposure, but you’re right, people are too lazy to take the time to make a video to enter a contest. Other people just might not want a video like this to be published on your blog.

  27. email lookup says:

    Although it’s a paid interview, as you said, but I think it’s interesting. And I hadn’t heard about Ryan Gray – with that amazing online income – before. Hope to see more inspiring posts…

  28. Yo Ryan..

    Look I’m a ten yr internet marketer who have been called everything beside an child of God..your going to get people who don’t believe an word you say, and that’s ok..because that’s just life and we cant try to please every one.

    I haven’t listen to the entire interview just yet..but I will finish tonight..

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  29. Really interesting stuff.
    Thanks very much..


  30. I think that most of these products are targeted to beginners, so they get a step by step plan to get the basics. 🙂

  31. I’m kind of thinking about the Internet University. 😉

  32. RadioSite says:

    Do you have any video of that? I’d want to find out more details.


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