Jolt! and Text-Link-Ads

September 23, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I can’t believe it’s been six days since my last post! It seems like only 2 or 3…

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Here are a couple videos for you:

Part 2 (YouTube has a 10-minute maximum unfortunately…):

Blog Updates

1. I’ve updated the Contact Me page. All content area on the site now seems to be completed.

2. As per Dread’s suggestion in last post’s comments, I installed the Feedburner plugin for WordPress. Unfortunately, I checked and temporarily removed my .htaccess redirect, only to find that the plugin didn’t redirect the Atom feed. So, I’m assuming that it only redirects some feeds… *shrug*.

3. I also updated the HTML header information by redirecting everything to my Feedburner URL instead.

4. I also added META keywords as well.

The .htaccess Atom redirect I added last post was a good idea. The day after I added it, my traffic jumped back up close to it’s original traffic from before the WordPress switch. Thus, it doubled in traffic overnight, and has consistently stayed at 850-900 uniques since then.

5. I am thus now updating the advertising page traffic.

Good luck and good earnings!

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25 Responses to “Jolt! and Text-Link-Ads”

  1. wesley says:

    I’d like to see the nr of comments in the title of the post as well. Don’t know if there are any plugins for that sort of thing.

  2. Jacob says:

    My problem with TLA is the fact that they take 50% of the revenue. Their technology can’t be that expensive. If they were 70/30 I would consider using them. They just take too much away, they’re not worth it.

  3. Adrian says:

    Hey Tyler, you know they have that pink skin for wordpress. I have used it for my wife’s blog. Don’t have it anymore, but found it here

    700 WordPress Templates List

  4. Rex says:

    50% rev split isn’t all that high. Any large ad agency you work with will be taking close to 50% sometimes you will get luck and can get a 60/40. But if your big enough you can even negotiate that down a bit.

  5. Jay C says:

    Looks like you got a haircut! Or maybe you just brushed it today. 😀 Whatever, it looks good. Thanks for the blog.

  6. Jan says:

    try the monster energy drink…’s much better and actually does work short term to get your focused.

  7. Andrew says:

    You know you guys don’t HAVE to watch/read his blogs.

  8. Al says:

    Just wondered – if you have ever thought or starting your own blog site or why you didn’t custom build your blog site so you didn’t rely on blogger/wordpress? There would be an outlay but surely it would allow you to customize it more heavily for your needs and allow you to link in you entire network or sites more closely?

  9. Andy says:

    If you include an html page into a php page php code in the html page will be parsed.

    Also TLA wouldn’t work with javascript, SEs can’t read it then.

  10. matt says:

    Hey joe, could you be anymore of a wanker? I guess its tough posting behind a fake name.

  11. Jimmy T. says:

    Geez..i think you should not allow just anyone to post on your blogs. Its sad to see that these are the types of comments you receive for sharing your information.

  12. Lise says:

    Hi Tyler,
    I enjoyed watching your videos, and I always do. Your blog posts are always fun and interesting to read, so keep it up.

    For the rest of the commenters…
    It is sad that people have to post such negative comments. Does it somehow make you feel good to say such derogatory statements?

  13. Jim says:

    You guys shouldn’t make fun of Tyler because of his speech defect. I like your videos and blogs- but just sticky to plain old text blogs from now on!


  14. Mike says:

    Yo Tyler check the IPs of these guys… Probably the same dude posting the same negative drivel over and over.

    Of course, he could be on a proxy – trolls are sometimes very efficient at “honing their craft”.

  15. Mike says:

    And yeah, the first video was kinda fluff talk, but I really liked what you had to say on the second video, might look into text-link-ads also. Thanks

  16. Robson says:

    Hi Tyler,

    I prefer reading your blogs then watching the videos as well. The problem is you don’t get to your points quick enough in them. You eat food, show us drinks..totally irrelevent stuff that wastes time. You also seem to repeat yourself about ten times and stutter around for a few seconds between every sentence.

    My advice is, either scrap them completly or just try and get to the points quicker..maybe edit them afterwards? Windows movie maker is free and comes with XP and will do the job.

  17. mike says:

    I like reading the text better too.

  18. Carl says:

    Maybe instead of two video’s cut them up into sections? I’d rather be able to skip the Jolt bit. I’m awaiting the loading of video 2.. rubbish connection.

  19. Kenny says:

    Great to see positive progres on your web business Mr.Cruz,
    Im at the army atm, so no web business for me these days… I will come back stronger and harder next year 😉

    Friendly handshake
    Kenneth O`Dea

  20. Drej says:

    Yeah, actually the second video was great. Dont know why all of them are not the same!

    There was no egoistical crap, the flow was good, the topic interesting. Way to go! Not like all the other crap (1rst video) you know to make.

    Make everything as 2nd video from now on, and you should be on the right track, even with the video blogging.

  21. Sam says:

    Give the guy a break you guys, I mean I don’t like everything he says either but it’s his blog and it’s up to him to decide what to do with it. If you don’t like the videos don’t watch them, if you don’t like Tyler, don’t visit his blog.

  22. mike says:

    I agree with Sam.. there’s a lot of douchebags responding to tyler’s blog. if you’re going to be an asshole, don’t come here.

  23. Ty W. says:

    Look, I have no reason to defend Tyler. I only just stumbled across his blog. But what makes you, his ardent detractors, so special? Evidently you asswhipes have nothing better to do than troll this tiny corner of the web with your hateful comments. Have you ever thought maybe it is you who should get a life?

    Keep it up Tyler, everybody has to start somewhere.

    Ty W.

  24. Bob Buskirk says:

    Here in pittsburgh, pa we say pop too 🙂

  25. Jake says:

    Delete the dumbass comments from the negative people. I prefer text to videos as well btw, I don’t have time to be watching videos 😛 And oh yeah, post more often!


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