SEO Poker – Day 3 Update

December 3, 2007 Posted by bheyde1

Disclaimer: The following is a “paid plug” and was not written by me, but by the advertiser themselves. If you’re interested in purchasing a paid plug, please visit my advertising page.

In the 3 days since public launch of, over 1600 webmasters, bloggers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and domain name owners have signed up to participate in the 7 scheduled SEO Poker Tournaments. FullTilt, Bodog, and Carbon Poker have all agreed to throw in an extra 5k each into the prize pool of the particular LinkAnte SEO tournament event they are hosting.

In these 3 days since launch, I have managed to raise enough money for the air + hotel necessary to go to Las Vegas in order to attend the PubCon Internet Marketing Conference. The purpose of my attendance is to meet other internet marketers who share similar interests and goals while spreading the word and invaluable benefit of the SEO Poker Tournament Series.

All in all, I’d have to say that things are looking up. It looks like I may very well achieve the main goals I set out to accomplish – to buy my grandmother a house which would get her out of a bad nursing home situation – and to raise 100K for the Alzheimer’s Association. Anything else that may come of this is a gift… because it is in the giving that we receive.

If you’re interested in giving..and receiving in return – the hosts of these 7 LinkAnte SEO Poker Tournaments were kind enough to allow me to deposit up to $150 dollars into the poker account of anyone willing to write a post about and its story. If you have a blog or site with a top 50k Alexa ranking please contact me to participate.

To follow along with my progress, please check out my blog.

See you in Vegas…

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7 Responses to “ SEO Poker – Day 3 Update”

  1. DotDriven says:

    Kind of confused how it is supposed to work. Clicked around the site but many pages are still being built (like the FAQ).

    Are there 7 separate tournaments or are they all like qualifiers for people to get into the final game or something? How many different specific tournaments do we have to take part in to take part?

    How much is the entry fee for each, if separate? How many links are we “bartering”…say we end up losing right away, are we just giving one link to one person who places above you or more?

    For the poker software, Do we need to have a paid account or just a free account? Not sure if there is a difference on any of them but know most do have separate sites for each.

    Any other detailed info would be helpful…guess that will come with the links on the site when it is done but seems a bit behind if this thing is starting in a day or two ;).

    Looks cool regardless.

    • -Each tournament is an event in its own right. The money aspect is dealt with automatically by the poker room. Instructions for incoming/outgoing links are given by me within 24 hours after the end of a tournament. An example page can be found at Here each participant will see who they should point a link to and the anchor text of the link.
      -The FAQ’s have been updated with clarity. Please let me know if you think there’s anything else that should be included or answered.
      -You are bartering one link per tournament that you join. If you don’t place in the top 11/link winners always have another chance to get the 100’s of incoming links by getting a top 11 spot at another LinkAnte tournament.
      -Some of the events also involve a cash buy-in…but there are plenty of freeroll events that don’t involve any real $$$…just fun poker and link love.
      -Please don’t hesitate to email me directly with any questions as well…
      -Thank you!

  2. catalin86 says:

    how can we get the password for the carbon tournament today?

  3. bloggernoob says:

    the video clip of the hacker on absolute poker has turned me off from online poker entirely. i only play casino and home games now. its too much of a hassle with payment and etc to play online now especially once you’ve seen the cheaters

  4. DotDriven says:

    bloggernoob, what video are you talking about? Always worried about that kind of thing and with as much money as there is to be made I always assumed there were plenty of people trying to cheat it.

  5. I too am big fan of a life play and somehow can’t get myself to trust 100% to the online games. Bit conservative perhaps 🙂


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