SEO Poker Tournament Series for Webmasters

November 29, 2007 Posted by bheyde1

Disclaimer: The following is a “paid plug” and was not written by me, but by the advertiser themselves. If you’re interested in purchasing a paid plug, please visit my advertising page.

Poker and Search Engine Optimization – two concepts in the hearts and minds of millions of people. Now combine the best of both worlds and what have you got – The SEO Poker Tournament Series. The LinkAnte SEO Poker Tournament Series is geared towards the millions of webmasters and site owners for whom SEO is a critical factor to the success of their web-based business. A vast majority of webmasters and site owners today are still trying way too hard to figure out keyword densities, image alt tags, page titles, and so forth. Unfortunately, they are missing the forest for the trees. It is now proven fact that the only component of Search Engine Optimization that actually matters and by far weighed the most by search engines algorithms is … inbound text links and the anchor text those incoming text links contain.

Here is how LinkAnte SEO Poker works. In addition to the typical buy-in amount one would bring to enter a poker tournament, each player/webmaster also “Antes Up” a small piece of Link Space on their website. When the poker tournament is over, the cash payouts from the prize pool are distributed in accordance to typical standards. In a LinkAnte SEO Poker Tournament, the top ranking winners of the poker tournament also receive valuable inbound text links pointing to their URL with anchor text of their choice – from the hundreds and thousands of other webmasters who placed below them in the Poker Tournament.

Doing well in a LinkAnte Poker Tournament would not only get you the money you’d receive anyways, but hundreds and possibly thousands of custom inbound text links that would skyrocket your website to the top search engine results for the phrase of your choice!! Imagine being the first site to show up on Google or Yahoo for terms like NY Mortgage Broker, SEO Consultant, Minnesota Web Design…you get the point! You will never have trouble getting an overflow of customers, and would never have to pay an SEO Consultant ever again. The fact is, custom inbound text links are the only thing that matters when it comes to SEO. Anyone who tells you different is only trying to profit for their supposed “expertise.” is the brainchild of Dimitry Rappoport. Dimitry is a 24 yr old internet marketer and project manager who has been involved in the creation and promotion of many high profile internet marketing campaigns for numerous Fortune 500 Clients. Dimitry has worked in the interactive departments of the world’s top ad agencies including Young & Rubicam, McCann Erickson, and G2 Interactive. His recent work has been on premium web real-estate such as:, Kohl’,, and, and; just to name a few.

On November 14th Dimitry made a promise to his grandmother that he would earn enough money to be able to gallantly get her out of a horrible nursing home situation and obtain better treatment for her in the comfort of her own home. Now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Aldelya, Dimitry’s grandmother; has always been there for his family through the toughest times and always put the needs of others ahead of her own. Dimitry knows that now is the time to do the same for his grandmother and put his skills and mind for marketing to good use. In an emotional and heroic moment , he vowed to buy his grandmother a new home along with the services of necessary medical staff – by New Year’s Day 2008. His grandmother’s former apartment was seized by the bank several months ago as her physical and financial situation worsened.

Because of this promise, Dimitry is introducing to the world – the LinkAnte SEO tournament series for Webmasters – the perfect combination of Poker and SEO. By bringing enough positive attention to LinkAnte and further cementing his name in the interactive marketing world, Dimitry is looking to use the popularity of LinkAnte to launch his independent marketing consultancy – the BrandLiftOff Corporation. With the right clients, Dimitry hopes to earn enough through his services to satisfy the financial angle in order to be able to keep his promise to his Grandmother.

For a closer look into Dimitry’s personal and professional experience, check out his blog at

Let the whole world believe – it is in the giving that we receive!

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  1. rpanella says:

    Sounds a little too familiar ….

  2. Pretty cool concept. Surprised you didn’t come up with it Tyler lol ;). I might have to give it a try myself.

  3. I usually play poker in cardrooms or casinos. But if this can help me get more customers for my NYC Computer Services business, I will certainly give online poker a try!

  4. Brandon Levy says:

    Perfect Idea! I’ll be at PubCon so I’ll sign up for the Bodog Dec 8th tonite! Let the link juice flow.

  5. Anyone looking for tips may want to check out my favourite player’s blog – especially if you want to learn how to be more aggressive!

  6. Salut à tous Je tombe grace à Google sur ce topic et j’admet qu’il fait travailler notre cerveau. Je vous remercie pour ce blog. A bientôt !


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