Live Poker: Day 2

August 21, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I just got back from the casino.

Before I left, I did 6-hours of work. I changed my deal with myself from before, because I felt that unless I would consistently lose, that I’d never be doing those extra 5 penalty-hours. So I’ve changed it to where I must work 6-hours before going to the casino period.

I’m proud for working 6-hours today, I got a fair bit done, and had a good self of accomplishment. I ate a quick small snack before heading out the casino.

It was a lot busier than yesterday, which makes sense I guess since it’s Saturday night. Only one table was going, but it was full, and so I had to wait for about 15-20 minutes. Hush was there, and so was Tammy (that’s the lady’s name). Hush saw me and talked to me for a bit… both Tammy and Hush are real nice.

The rest of the players were new (to me), except for the guy on my right, who is a crazy tight rock, so I had great position 🙂 One of the players was Jennifer I think her name was? I was very concerned about her because she played very solid and strong, and I could never pick up any reads on her.. one of the only players at the table that I couldn’t sense easily. She also had around a $550 stack. In one hand, Hush played a huge pot with her, where he bet his JJ way too strongly, and lost vs her KK, losing his entire $350~ stack. So Jennifer had $950 at one point! And she played so solid and aggressive that I avoided her at all costs.

Hush rebought in a couple of times but kept losing it all, so he left. He lost close to $600 within an hour… bad day for him. Both Hush and Tammy call me Tom now (long story), which is fine with me. I even changed my name on the table to Tom.

Tonight was different than yesterday though because the table was always full, so only 1-2 new people were able to join the table due to it’s popularity.

I had such cold cards today… I basically had no cards all night, except for an AK, and KQ’s, and they didn’t hit well. Even so, I had amassed over $500 in chips at one point, but left with around $440. I bought in at $200 as always, but you can’t say I made $240 since I refilled my chips early on, so I’d guess I made…. $200 today. That makes up for yesterday’s back luck. Overall I think I’m roughly even so far.

The non-regulars are so bad that I’m sure I can profit there long-term. My lower back is killing me though… I only played for around 4 hours, but sitting down in those chairs and leaning over to do the screen takes it’s toll. So I might take a break and not go tomorrow, I haven’t decided yet.

I learned a new thing today. I didn’t know that players could order food from the restaurant at the table, and have it delivered to them. Normally that’d be like a wish come true to me, but I never eat when I’m concentrating. But the other players did. They ordered entire pizzas, sandwhiches and fries, etc. And the smell.. ah.. the smell got to me. It was distracting because I wasn’t really hungry, but they smelled so good.

I also learned a couple other things. First, it’s ever-so slightly chilly in there, and I was just wearing a very light shirt today, and was chilled, so I’m going to take a coat or something extra in the future. I had planned and prepared for that before I left, but both of my summer coats are from and show the logo on them. It isn’t big, but I don’t want to look like a douche wearing a poker jacket in a casino at a poker table…

Also, I’m probably going to buy an iPod so I can listen to stuff while playing. I might even download webmaster podcasts or books. However, it’s not so bad without an iPod. People can be pretty funny at times, and I also pick up a ton of information from just listening. A lot of new players play in pairs, for example, and whisper to their partner things, which tells me a lot.

Anyhow, I ended the table the chipleader at $440~, with Tammy in second at $400~, and Jennifer in third at $350~. That’s a big drop… from $950 to $350 in a couple hours… she didn’t make any big mistakes, but was quite loose pre-flop, and occasionally on the flop, which can add up quickly. Oh, and she lost a big pot to Tammy.

 Well, that’s my second day experience at the casino. I already feel like a regular and like I’ve been playing there for years.

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7 Responses to “Live Poker: Day 2”

  1. Click Input says:

    “I had planned and prepared for that before I left, but both of my summer coats are from and show the logo on them. It isn’t big, but I don’t want to look like a douche wearing a poker jacket in a casino at a poker table…”


  2. Nice call on not wearing the PokerStars jacket. I hate when people try to act cool at a real poker table because they think they are good online.

    Also, the iPod would be a good idea. I like to keep one earbud in, so I can listen to music, but also listen to everyone around me.

  3. krillz says:

    Poker is a nice way to socialize and earn some money on the way.
    Casinos just add to the feeling good experience with drinks and other things that you don’t experience playing online.

    All though if you are after the $ I don’t think going to casinos is good, as you spend $ on drinks and food that is pretty expensive over there, which lands you on a much smaller profit or a much greater loss.

  4. ChrisGuthrie says:

    Do you think you’ll ever try going down to do a WSOP tourney in the states? I know the 10k buy in is pretty hefty, but judging from the posts you’ve been writing it looks like you’re a pretty good player.

    And yes I agree with Martin, don’t wear the PokerStars jacket. 😀

    • Tyler Cruz says:


      I’m a decent poker player, but by no means good enough to warrant playing at the WSOP. Besides, it’s really all about your bankroll, and I’m quite poor 🙂

      That being said, I may head down to rail the WSOP sometime since it would be good to meet a lot of my advertisers sometime, and they always make a trip down there during the WSOP.

  5. greg says:

    Are you keeping track of exactly how much you win and lose each session. It would be interesting to see if it’s possible to “beat the rake” at such low limits.



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