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October 15, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

You may remember from back in late April that I wrote a review of the WordPress plugin WordPress Link Cloak. I gave it a favourable review at the time and recommended purchasing it. In fact, I used it myself until just recently.

Unfortunately, the original owner of the plugin sold the rights to the whole WordPress Link Cloak company, and it was then sold since then, I believe. Because of this, support for the plugin became non-existent, and some of the bugs I came across were never fixed.

Fortunately, Pawan from MaxBlogPress contacted me the other day to tell me about his latest WordPress plugin called: Ninja Affiliate Plugin. You may be familiar with MaxBlogPress as they turn out a number of WordPress plugins; you probably heard of or seen the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad plugin before.

The Ninja Affiliate plugin automatically links certain keywords to predefined URLs as well as gives you the ability to cloak, or mask, them (hence "Ninja"). For bloggers such as us in the "make money online" genre especially, where we often post affiliate and referral links, there is a great need for this type of plugin.

The WordPress Link Cloak plugin I previously used had one major bug which was the main thing I was looking for in Pawan’s new plugin. Basically, it would break existing links which had a predefined word within that link. Thus, many of my links in my archive would break since I had a keywords such as "BlogWorld" in the title which would then be parsed into a separate affiliate link. Fortunately, the Ninja Affiliate Plugin resolves this issue.

(Note: Please disregard the first 30-seconds or so of the video. I was apparently not looking at the official site when I was stating those prices!)

Special Discount for Readers

If you purchase the Ninja Affiliate Plugin by clicking on one of the links in this post between the morning of October 15th and October 18th at midnight, you’ll get a special $20 discount on the plugin!

The plugin is normally $97 so that’s a 20% discount. While $77 can still seem pricey for a WordPress plugin, I believe that in the long term it will definitely pay for itself from the time it saves you.

Update: I just noticed after logging into WordPress that version 1.5.9 is already out. The version I currently have and the one that I reviewed in the screencast above was 1.5.8. It just goes to prove that this plugin is actively being supported with new versions and features, which you get to upgrade to at no added cost.

It’d be nice to be able to see the version changelog somewhere though, as I’m curious what v1.5.9 has. Hopefully it fixes that MSIE 7.0 status bar bug.

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18 Responses to “MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin”

  1. Hey Tyler, that is really great review and plugin also. You made some great suggestions to the owners and if they manage to include all addons and fixes in next versions, this would certainly be perfect plugin of this kind.

    I am admit that after this review i am really considering to buy it. But i see that the discount is only available for full package, which i really don’t need. It would be great if there was discount for the second, lower priced package.

  2. Thank you Tyler for posting this review.

    Ver 1.5.9 is a small bug fix. You can see the changes in the MaxBlogPress Forum. You’ll have to use customer password to access ninja affiliate forum. You can find that in the download page of ninja affiliate.

    You can also subscribe to the new release announcement thread so that you get new features notification automatically whenever we update the plugin.

    Status bar text is quite tricky as it works for some browser and for some it don’t. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything as it’s totally browser dependent.

    For example, firefox by default turns off status bar change by any script. If you want to see it change then you’ll have to go to:

    Tools >> Options >> Content
    Right beside “Enable javascript” click on “Advanced” then choose Allow script to: “Change status bar text”

    The worst thing is, Firefox 3 don’t have solution for that at all. Because there’s a bug in firefox 3 itself which don’t allow the change of status bar text even if you set permission for it.

    I’ll check MSIE 7 and see if there’s a workaround for that or not.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I’d still like the option to at least be able to turn off any special Status Bar changes. There’s no need for the statusbar not to work in MSIE7 if I’m not trying to modify it specially; it should always display the link by default….

  3. Def going to check this plugin out like how maxblogpress names there wp plugins

  4. Catie says:

    WordPress is the best. Its so customizable and form fitted for whatever yours needs are. Ill have to look into this one and see all it has to offer. Thanks for the link, Tyler!

  5. Andrei Buiu says:

    Tyler, thanks for sharing another great plug-in from MaxBlogPress.

  6. Ryan McLean says:

    I just saw another review for this one second ago. This is really getting out there.
    I don’t think it is worth $97 or even $77 unless you are a super affiliate

  7. problogineer says:

    looks cool…
    I will check it out 🙂

  8. Sammie says:


    Do you know of any other similiar plugins or is this the best one you found?

    Also, what wordpress plugins do you use on this blog?

    Keep up the great work 🙂


  9. Wow! That’s a pretty expensive plugin!

    I don’t think that it would be really useful for some small-time blogs like mine, but I will definitely keep it mind.

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  11. Or, you could just get the SAME product for free.. It’s called “GoCodes” and it is a WordPress plugin.. For FREE..

    Free beats $67..

  12. accounts says:

    I’m always a bit drawn back with such plugins like you said about getting those bugs fixed,then we can have a new tool on the block.

  13. accounts says:

    Frankly speaking, wordpress is the best. It’s so customizable and form fitted for whatever yours needs are. I’ll have to look into this one and see all it has to offer.

    Possibly reduce the amount of internal links you have on your posts, a bit tacky at times.




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