Merry Christmas & Updates

December 24, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

First off I’d just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, and wish all the other internet entrepeneurs out there the best of success in 2006.

Here now is what will be included in today’s blog entry:

1. Sale
2. Tyler’s HTTPPoint Interview
3. My MMA Blog
4. Purchase
5. New ‘todo’ list

1. Sale

Last night I sold The sale price was for $14,000. He paid me $1000 already up front, and will be paying me the remaining 13k the first week of January (tax reasons). I’m going to reinvest 11k of it, not sure on what yet, but I certainly can’t wait. You can buy a nice site for 11k. And put the other 3k of it onto a car payment.

2. Tyler’s HTTPPoint Interview

I was interviewed by The interview can be found here:

3. My MMA Blog

I’ve started an MMA blog just in case anyone is interested. It’s partly why I’ve been busy lately, coupled with my girlfriend, which eat up a lot of work time. It’s located at

4. Purchase

I bought from j0n… although the transactions been taking a while. Damn Christmas… slows everything down! Bah humbug!

5. New ‘todo’ list

I finally finished my last ‘todo’ list and here is my new one:

Convert all physical site stuff to computer
Add,, to apache
add,, to datalog
make backup cd

Movie Vault
Add image to news
Fix news alignment
award staff contest winner
make new contest, add $5 to prize pool
add new poll
try to fix banner alignment problem
add 1 to news display amount
try to add external pr linkage to trailers

Fix forum drama including Irexes PM’s
Add 2 items to poker gear
Update both eurobet thread and front page with new information
Update new user signup email

Buy vB license
install vb

Buy vB license
install vb

Tyler’s Photo Restoration
Delete it 🙁
Remove from Merendi 🙁
Hook up with blogspot
Make post telling people to change links
change in merendi and all forum signatures

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2 Responses to “Merry Christmas & Updates”

  1. Dave Starr says:

    And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too, Tyler. I think you made an excellent deal on DNF. From time to time I’ve toyed with the idea of running a big community/forum site on different subjects that have interested me. But, it’s a tremendous time sink. I helped a fellow moderate a 4000 plus member Yahoo Group for a year and the time that was expended on that group added up to thousands of hours that could have been spent on sites that made money. I think you’re headed in the right direction. Best wishes for 2006.

  2. benjamin says:

    It seems that a lot of people are getting themselves interviewed, Jon also had himself interviewed. Great list there Tyler, great post to


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