Million Dollar Domain Names and How to Get Your Own

April 20, 2012 Posted by Zac Johnson

The following is a guest post by my friend and well-known blogger Zac Johnson.

So you’ve been thinking about selling your web site or blog?

When it comes to talking about the value of property on the internet, there is nothing more exciting that talking about domain names and the how they continually increase in value over time.

The bottom line is, domains are all unique and there is only ONE domain name for every word in the world, and ".com" domains will always prevail as the most valuable.

Let’s take a look at some of the most valuable and top selling domain names of all time.

  • – $13,000,000
  • – $9,999,995
  • – $9,500,000
  • – $8,500,000
  • – $7,500,000

Recent Domain Sales on Flippa

Before jumping into the process of potentially getting your hands on a killer domain name, let’s first take a look at some of the most recent domain name sales being made on the Flippa marketplace.6

Flippa has always been massively successful for selling web sites, but they are quickly gaining ground in the domain name market and some domains are selling for some great numbers.

Yes, even .info names are selling on Flippa for a few thousand dollars! Even if you don’t have generic domain name names, you might have some good quality names that people are looking for. Flippa is a great place to list domain names that will potentially sell for a few thousand dollars.

Getting Your Hands on Amazing Domain Names

Now that you have a good idea on what some of the top domain names in the world have sold for, imagine getting your hands on some amazing domain names that could potentially sell of thousands of dollars and hundreds of multiple times your initial investment. It’s not a multi-million domain name, but it’s the next best thing!

One of my favorite solutions out there for securing top domain names is through a service called NameJet, which provides the service of monitoring domain names and grabbing them once they expire, then putting them up in the domain name aftermarket.5

While you may never get your hands on an amazing million dollar domain name, there is a good chance you can secure an excellent domain name that you may never thought would ever have become available. Through services like NameJet I was able to secure an amazing pay per click related domain name and build it out into an established and authority blog. I never thought or planned to get my hands on this domain name, but the opportunity became available and I took it!

The best thing you can do to get the domain name of your dreams is to register for a free NameJet account, then build out a list of domains that you would like to buy if they ever become available. NameJet will monitor these domains for you and should they drop, you will be notified. There is no cost to join and monitor domain names through NameJet, but the lowest you can bid on a domain name is $69, and you only have to pay if NameJet can grab and secure the domain name for you.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and build your own list of dream domain names… you never know which may fall right into your lap!

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25 Responses to “Million Dollar Domain Names and How to Get Your Own”

  1. R6 says:

    No offense Tyler but I’d like to see more posts from you!

  2. Me too got a couple of domains, expecting to sell them on flippa.

  3. Ramon says:

    What about 🙂 $10mil

  4. jeffreyskang says:

    besides just waiting for domains to drop, you can always use the old fashion system of buying up domain names based on keywords

  5. The opportunities in domains are closing a lot by every year. I remember back in 2005 when many good domains were still available.

  6. What people want for their domain and what the real worth is often only a dream.

  7. Jasmine says:

    I wonder how much is my domain name is worth? Haha… anyone wants to make a bid? 🙂

  8. Jon Smith says:

    It’s almost like a stock market…buy low, sell high, watch for market trends, I’m sure there are some transferable skills there…

  9. We had luck with a few domains we dont actively try to sell them but sold when a guy contact us and ended up paying $1000 for the domain name. Me and my business partner have way to many outsourcing related domain names some of which are really good and may sell in the future if we don’t build them out into a site perhaps on flippa. Name jet is a great tool for any online entrepreneur even if your not looking to just buy and sell domains.

  10. Wow, can’t believe a .info was able to get 5k. But then again, Flippa auctions are known to have bidders buying at insane prices.

  11. Thanks for the post and introduction to flippa auction. However, do you have any solutions to obtaining a domain name that you want, which you know the domain owner is not using it at all (e.g. it was redirected to another site and you did a back link check with nothing to it)?

  12. Ozcart says:

    Interesting post about domain prices. Hard to believe what some domains are worth. Thanks for sharing

  13. used tires says:

    Good post, Zac. Having the right domain available at the right time can definitely be very profitable. I haven’t made a lot of money at any domain sale yet but I should as I learn more.


  14. If only I wasn’t just a kid 15 years ago when I was going round registering domains for fun of it. I would have made tonnes of money with all those exotic .com names.

  15. aerial lidar says:

    Wow, can’t believe a .info was able to get 5k. But then again, Flippa auctions are known to have bidders purchasing at insane prices.

  16. You don’t say, I wonder where these insane buyers come from.

  17. If only I was not just a kid 15 decades ago when I was going circular applying websites for fun of it. I would have created lots of cash with all those unique .com brands.

  18. daddygoob says:

    BEFORE anybody signs up with PeerFLy you better google and read the reviews

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  20. Vtunnel says:

    Its true that good domain name need not big marketing, only you need to get index on search engine and you will start getting traffic. Good tips in this post, will try to have my own good name domain.

  21. Lee Jones says:

    Oh to go back 20 years to register every domain name going! some prices for domain names now are unreal!

  22. DxDomain says:

    I’ve been browsing online more than 2 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article about domain name sales and how to buy info. It is pretty worth enough for me. I will learn many things from your blog about affiliates. Thanks Tyler.


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