Money, money, money

March 26, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I find myself thinking about money constantly. Not to a dangerous or unharfmful level or anything, but I definitely think about money a lot.

It’s strange, because just a year ago I was the exact opposite. I’m not thrifty; I tip a lot, eat out at nice restaurants, buy XBOX360 and computer games I don’t play, and never look at pricetags when I buy things. So it’s not that. I just always seem to think about these things, often when I’m driving somewhere, often when I’m waiting in line at the bank or walking to an appointment somewhere.

To me, I think about and crave to make more money, not so I can buy anything fancy or live fancy. To me it’s more of a competition with myself. I used to say, a bit over a year ago when I was still living at home and not making very much, that all I wanted (moneywise) was to live off my websites and move out and live in my own apartment, nothing too big or fancy, just as long as it was half-decent, and to have a bit of money left over to spend on some DVD rentals, food, and to pay the bills. That I’d be happy with that. I’ve already met that dream a while ago, while having a fair bit of cash to spare, and I’m not complaining; I am happy. That wasn’t an exagerration I said a year ago. This is more than enough to make me content. The only thing more I could ask for is to have enough money to be able to travel freely. Being able to travel the world without any ounce of worry of cost, and explore the world.

But really I’m perfectly content income-wise right now. That being said, I am human, and so I of course have ideas floating around 🙂

Here are some examples of what I think about:

“What would be enough to satisfy my desire to do what I want, when I want? $1000 a day?”

It sounds ludicrous, but really, $1000 is not a lot. That’s only $30,000 a month! How many webmasters already make that? A ton. A ton, I tell you. That’s only $365,000 before taxes. Oh, sure it’s a lot, but we’re not talking about being satisfied; we’re talking about being able to strut. $10,000 a day? That’s $300,000 a month, nearly 4 million a year. That’s a bit overboard. $5000 a day? That’s $150,000 a month; 1.8 million a year. Now we’re getting somewhere. I’m thinking that probably somewhere around $3,000 a day, which equates to roughly a million a year before taxes, is probably what would be enough to live the good life. I could then travel around pretty freely, buy a nice apartment somewhere. Maybe even travel around in a limosine.


Terrorist #1 is taking his time designing and coding; which is admittingly annoying, especially when he goes a fair bit past his expected promised turnaround time. However, he does good work and he does eventually get it done so I’m not all that bothered.

I’ve finished work with terrorist #2, but will probably contact him again soon for work with Project J. I’ll of course use him again for logos.

I’ve asked somebody for a contact for a good somebody. I’m actually surprised, they do very good work. I’ll probably be putting in a $x,xxx order once some things are done.

Wait. Hold up. Why so vague, Tyler?

Oh, sorry. Well, you see, apparantly a lot of people read my blog, and I receive a lot of people copying my sites, but now I have had a ton of people flock to terrorist #1, and even more to terrorist #2. This is obviously bad for me for many reasons, and I find myself a great judge of quality, and so when I do finally hunt down what is perhaps the rarest commodity on the Internet (quality designers/programmers), I don’t want everyone to run to them and steal my findings. They are mine, and so I am going to be extra careful from now on to keep them a secret.

Anyhow, they do good work and I look forward to ordering from them.

Project J’s logo is done, and American Labourer #1 is doing very satisfactory work so far (which says a lot coming from me). As promised, whenever a decent amount of progress is done on the site, I will give another clue as to what it is.

Clues so far:

1. The first letter of the domain is ‘r’.
2. It is poker related.
3. The second letter of the domain is ‘e’.

You may have noticed a banner up top. I was paid $30 for it. $30 a month. I get around 350 uniques a day on this blog, 1% of them search bots, most of them type-in’s/bookmarks. And traffic is perhaps the best targetted traffic you could ever want for an Internet-related ad since it’s mostly other web entrepreneurs reading the blog, who of course are known to spend money for online services, and visit other sites.

Anyhow, I decided to accept this advertisers request to put his ad up on my blog, as I think I deserve something, albeit a tiny amount, for people stealing my terrorists and ideas.

Yeah, yeah, I’m grumpy today. So sue me.

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Posted: March 26th, 2006 under My Websites  

6 Responses to “Money, money, money”

  1. Gooblins says:

    I like money too 🙂

  2. PigsnieLite says:

    Whut! You dont know whut to do wid money? Youre weird, Tyler. I know exactly whut to do wid any funds I get. I haf lists!

  3. Bhirst says:

    Put up as many ads as you want and I will still read it. I come to your blog to get inspired from what you are doing because I want to do the same but better. I know that sounds bad but I can almost guarntee that you feel the same way. Money to me is competition, I like to work. I like money. I love the way it makes me feel when I acheive my goals money wise. It has two very good rewards for when you acheive the goal.

    1. You get the money
    2. You get the satisfaction of knowing you are financially secure

  4. Tom_e_Rock says:

    You know what you should make, a Vancouver Netrepreneur Gentlemens club. We’d have all these local online publishers, including you, me and John Chow. Sit back and talk about our adsense earnings and how to increase them hehe

  5. Tyler says:

    lol, a Gentleman’s club – I love it!

  6. soj says:

    i have been thinking about money for the past 6 or 7 years, only 19 atm, and just beginning to start earning a respectable amount of earnings from my sites.


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