My New Camcorder Courtesy of AmpedMedia

August 29, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

A few days ago, I picked up my newest toy: an awesome camcorder!

It was given to me by my friends over at AmpedMedia in exchange for the sponsorship of my videos. If you haven’t tried running AmpedMedia’s offers yet, you may want to check them out. They’re not on my Recommended Resources page for nothing.

The camcorder is the Sony HDR-PJ10 High Definition Handycam, retailed at $700. It is an extremely nice camcorder, and is a major upgrade from the Flip Mino I had been using previously. It was also the Best of CES 2011 Winner. More details and technical specs of the camcorder are mentioned lower down this post below the videos, along with some photos.

After getting the new camcorder, I decided to pick up a tripod, extra battery, and bag for it as I’ll be heading to the US in a month, so the bag is necessary.

Below is a video (shot on the Flip Mino) of me describing, unboxing, and showing the camera in more detail:

Below is the same footage that I filmed on my Flip Mino near the end of the video above, but filmed on my HDR-PJ10.

Please note that I filmed it on 1080i settings at the time, but uploaded as 1080p. Be sure to check out the insane zoom capabilities at 2:35 – and that wasn’t even at full zoom!

I really like how clear the audio comes out as well.

In the final video below, I film (again on the Flip Mino… ugh… you can really tell the difference) the projector feature of my new camcorder:

My New YouTube Channel

Many moons ago, I used to use YouTube to upload my blog-related videos, but then it got hacked by a chronic spammer which lead to YouTube banning my account.

I then tried several other sources, eventually settling at Viddler and uploading 93 videos there over the past few years. However, they recently contacted me and said I have to pay to keep my account, so I decided to make a new YouTube account and start from scratch again.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I like how my new channel will start with a new camcorder, making all of my forthcoming videos high quality.

Camera Features & Photos

For those who may be interested, here are some of the specs and photos of my new camcorder:

  • 1920×1080 Full HD 60p Recording w/3MP still image
  • 16GB embedded Flash Memory for up to 6 hours of recording
  • Project your videos on the go anywhere, anytime
  • Wide Angle G lens to capture everything you want
  • 42x Extended Zoom to get even closer to the action
  • 3.0-inch touch-screen Clear Photo LCD Plus display (230K)
  • Tracking Focus follows selected subjects in/out of the frame
  • 5.1ch Surround mic for vivid and dynamic surround sound





Thanks AmpedMedia!

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19 Responses to “My New Camcorder Courtesy of AmpedMedia”

  1. Paulymath says:

    The projector is actually pretty decent. I though it woulda been crappy considering it’s an integrated one.

  2. Greg Ellison says:

    The camera looks very nice. Thanks Greg Ellison

  3. Michael says:

    Wow – this looks like a really nice video camera!

    I want it! I have a very basic Sony video camera. It is very useful because it is small but I want to record in HD as well and have the projector ability. That sounds awesome!

    Thanks for sharing Tyler.

  4. Rogan says:

    Do you ever post anything that isn’t either an ad (of a thinly veiled ad paraded around as a competition) or a post about updating the blog that you put ads on, or about how you are overweight and lazy?

    People started reading this blog because it was a journal of your journey, not get get advice about how to get lucky with one half-decent website ( and milk the crap out of it. Tell us what you do, not what you want to sell or eat. 😉

  5. I’ve never had a video camera in my life, lol. My family never got around to getting one and I never felt the need either as I don’t know what I’ll shoot. I’m amazed at how small they have gotten over the years though.

  6. used tires says:

    As you know I am seriously impressed by your camera! I could not believe the power of that zoom and how much detail you could get on that leaf.


  7. Congrats on your YouTube page and for getting such a great camcorder. That is really cool that gave it to you for a sponsorship.

  8. AIEEE 2012 says:

    You’re so darn lucky!!
    COngo man!

  9. Hi Tyler,
    We are working on a video project to add a video to all of our selling properties while creating the YouTube link in the SEO purpose of our website. This seems to be really interesting.

  10. it’s very good Video decoder for $700. Amazing result.

  11. Dresses says:

    Nice camera, if only there were similar networks in the UK that would sponsor my videos!

  12. deri ceket says:

    The projector is actually pretty decent. I though it woulda been crappy considering it’s an integrated one.

  13. Chris says:

    That seems like a very nice camcorder, I have been using the video function of my DSLR but it would be nice to have a separate camera.


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