New Affiliate Marketing Record: $5,915 in 1 Day!

January 29, 2013 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It was just 48 hours ago when I announced that I had set another new personal record on my affiliate marketing campaigns by bringing in a total of $5,800 in one day.

It was a big increase over my previous record, made just 5 days prior, and it was also a big increase over my previous daily net profit record as well.

And so, I’ve been cringing having to publish this post, as it will be my 3rd "new record" post in a row. It almost seems fake, and while it’s great news for me personally, it doesn’t really provide much in the way of actual information for you guys.

Anyhow, 2 days ago, on January 27th, 2013, I set yet another record on my affiliate campaigns by bringing in a total of:

$5,915 for the day!

While not as big of an increase over my previous record as last time, it’s still an increase of $115.

$11,719 in 48 Hours

During the two days from January 26th, 2013 to January 27th, 2013, my campaigns brought in a total of $11,719.

During the 9-day span from January 19th, 2013 to January 27th, my campaigns brought in a total of $34,697.

Another New Daily Net Profit Record!

Not only did I set another new daily gross record, but I also set a new daily net profit record as well!

My previous daily net profit record was $2,383.09, made just 3 days ago.

My new daily net profit record, set on January 27th, 2013, came out to:

$2,883.89 for the day!


That’s an increase of almost exactly $500! Crazy.

The ROI was very substantial as well, ending up at 95%.

What an insane day.

The Bad News

And now, the bad news.

Being the never-ending rollercoaster ride that affiliate marketing is, I was hit with some bad news yesterday evening.

I don’t want to get into the details of it, but basically I’m going to be taking a hit on my current top converting campaigns. To give an idea of how much of a hit it will be, if you assume that February performs the same as all of January did (with no increase), then I’ll be out around $4,600.

Considering the numbers I’ve been pushing lately, this actually is not crippling or anything, but it is a hit. I’d compare it along the lines of taking a good blow to the stomach as opposed to a knock-out hit.

However, there’s more bad news. Today, so far, has been doing extremely poorly. It’s only 9:07am as I write this, but I don’t like what I’m seeing.

Hopefully things turn around and the day finishes well and this turns out to be nothing, but I’m a little apprehensive.

It’s one of the downfalls of constantly checking your stats – you waste your time and energy on stuff like this. However, on campaigns that you’re trying to scale, and with growing volume like what I’m starting to push now, I still think it’s wise to keep a close eye on how your campaigns are doing.

Lastly, I launched some new campaigns last night with less-than-stellar results. There’s so much I need to work on and test, but I only have so much time.

No New Record For a Long Time

While my last 3 posts have all been about setting new records, I’m pretty confident that you won’t see a new one from me for quite a while. If I had to guess, I’d say at least 2-3 months, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it took an entire year.

Hopefully I’m wrong, but it’s not exactly easy to hit these numbers.

That being said, I’m going to definitely try my best to hit a new record daily high. If I work hard enough, I know I can do it. It’s just a matter of focus and desire.

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18 Responses to “New Affiliate Marketing Record: $5,915 in 1 Day!”

  1. Bummer about your issues with the campaign. Hopefully you can keep the rest of the traffic consistent. Might not break any records, but even $1k/day profit would be nice πŸ™‚

  2. Ben says:

    You’ve had a great run for the last few days! What a ride!

    I was wondering if you could explain the basic method you’re using here. No need to divulge sources.

    But what sorts of affiliate deals are you marketing? is it clickbank or something else? Do you put ads on networks and then drive traffic to a custom landing page, or directly to the affiliate page?

    Just curious πŸ™‚


  3. sadek says:

    You are rocking day by day.
    every new day your earning is increasing…………….~~~~!
    What is your next goal $10K in a day?

  4. Hell yeah you can do it Tyler,

    Congrats on your new record bro extremely inspirational to hear this news.

    Get money, Break Bread!

  5. Affpaying says:

    Keep it up Tyler πŸ™‚

  6. Dave Starr says:

    Very impressive indeed, Tyler. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, records or not. I’m sure when one account drops off some you’ll soon be able to make it up on another.

    Worried a bit about that nosebleed incident … have you seen a doc? Checked the old BP lately? Shuffling around the sums of money you do every day can build up stress without you realizing it, I think.

    You young guys are on the same train I am, just quite a few cars farther back, but the track still heads straight to getting older. I can say, from experience, it sneaks up on you.

    Be well.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I’ve actually been eating really poorly again – I tend to eat poorly when I’m focused on work because I’ll be working for hours straight without remembering to eat, then when I do eat, I want something quick, indulgent, and in big quantity. Need to work on thta…

  7. Shane says:

    Do you ever go into detail on exactly how you’re able to achieve results like this i.e in the form of training courses etc?

  8. John D says:

    Hey Tyler,

    I seen you saying about going into your office in the last post, I just wanted to see a pic of how your office is now and the condo in general πŸ™‚

  9. Mishra says:

    Most probably my previous comment is spammed. Can you please unspam that.

  10. Mishra says:

    You are awesome man, another record by you.
    I am now feeling jellos, as I only earn $1K a month.

  11. Good work, but take it easy and focus on the most important thing that has worked in the past and makes no big expressing that can cost lots of money, like Facebook ads that are totally useless.

  12. Michael Kohn says:

    Thank you for sharing this confidential information .
    Marketing is similar to the investments .. they seem to be a simple and effective thing, but few really know what and how are the risks and how much hard work is behind a success!


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