No more tacos, please…

June 11, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

If I don’t eat another taco for a few years, I don’t think I’ll complain. Here is today’s list of topics:

  • Taco Bell and McDonalds
  • Bookmark Update
  • Internet Grade
  • Blog Income
  • Poker Affiliate Update

Taco Bell and McDonalds

I’ve been eating pretty unhealthy lately. A while ago, I got into a good habit of doing daily exercising, drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables. Apart from the physical benefits of doing this, I’m not sure, but I believe this gave me more energy as well. As a result, I believe I had more focus available to direct towards work, as well as simply more energy to work period. However, I’m not positive of this.

I didn’t eat out as much before because I didn’t have a car. I also cooked more at home. Unfortunately though, recently I’ve been getting pretty bad again. Here’s a video from a couple days ago:

I’ve started exercising a bit again, which is NOT fun (pushups and crunches), and started to drink water again (at least 1 glass a day). I’ll gradually add the fruits and veggies to the list again and up the water and exercising – but things must proceed gradually. I’m logging this on my blog because I want to document if this does indeed increase my energy and focus levels. Because I’ve been sleeping so horribly lately and have had absolutely no energy. That needs to change. I
need to work and make some moola.

Oh, as for the McDonalds in the title – I was hungry the other day (yesterday?) and so did one of my midnight (1:30am) food runs. I was really tired when going out, but just going out and driving around and such really woke me up and gave me a lot of energy. I took advantage of this and went immedately to work. Why am I writing about this? I don’t know – I guess I’m just really interested on observing and documenting things that give me more energy and things that let me work. Because I haven’t been getting a ton done like I used to. Not like the old days. Man.. I used to get SO much done it would scare you… I need to get back to that energy level again…

Bookmark Update

I was looking for more good potential buyers for Bookmark. I managed to find a lengthy article on the overview of 2005 for domain sales and was able to pick out 4 great domain acquisition companies there. I googled their contact information and contacted them all. After a day or two, I haven’t heard back from any yet, but they are good sources nonetheless; one is very good that I’ll contact again if they don’t return my e-mail.

I wish the owner of the domain would accept a lower price for it – I’ve received a large number of bids so far, but none seem to be too close to the price we’re asking for.

I won’t give up though – I’ll find a buyer! I will!

Internet Grade

I’ve received another paid plug advert, this time for the site

Internet Grade combines Pagerank, search engine backlinks, alexa rank as well as other factors and produces a grade for your site. It’s a very useful tool for webmasters. Check it out!

Blog Income

My blog has started making more money. This is very interesting as I never created the blog to make money, I created it due to various people telling me I should. And even once I started it, I never wanted to put many ads on it. All I do now is use a 468×60 and paid plugs. I could most likely at least double my income if I were to simply put more ads on, but I really want to keep the blog as ad-free as possible.

The only reason I do put a couple ads in is to help compensate, not for my writing, but for sharing ideas. I’ve had a lot of people blatantly copy my ideas and such as a result of this blog; in fact, the other day a reader of this blog showed me a site which blatantly copied one of my logo’s. They did a horrible job, but it always feels horrible when somebody rips you off. Monetizing the blog, while great for obvious money reasons, is still done mainly to help pay myself back for people copying my ideas and such.

Anyhow, sorry, got a bit off track there, blog income has steadily been increasing. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • March: $30
  • April: $50
  • May: $85
  • June (so far): $110

Now, while that seems like petty cash, I’m actually very happy with that amount coming from a blog. That actually equates to around $15-20 per post on average. So now how I think of it is “Oh, it’s about time for another blog post – hey, I’m getting paid $20 to write it, cool!”.

I’m already pleased with the income of this blog, but my ‘goal’ would be set at making an average of $50 per blog post. If I can do that, I think it’d be fair to say that this blog was a great success (income-wise).

Poker Affiliate Update

I apologize if I’m annoying anyone with the repeated updates on this, but I’m still very happy and pumped about this.

This one poker player on this poker site, in just 9 days so far, has already made me $409. That’s $45 a day. If I were to tack this onto my daily average earnings, that’d be over $200 a day and $6000 a month on average!

The scary thing too is, if I add enough players to this site where I’m making a lot more rakeback for them, I can have my rakeback increased from 35% to 40%. If I were to take 5% of that (I wouldn’t, I’d only take 1 or 2 more and give the players the rest), that would essentially double all my earnings instantly. And that means a lot. If that were to happen now, that’d jump me up from $45 a day from this one site, to $90…

I’m using this to really feed my motivation for working on affiliating. It’s just too bad I have so many things on my plate right now where I can’t really focus on it yet, but I will… I will 🙂

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  1. gyutae says:

    Hey Tyler,
    I think your blog is great and I read it frequently. Great to see that there are successful young people out there doing this internet thing. I think you should get involved with the whole net neutrality thing. Have you heard of it? Basically Congress is trying to push a law that would give the internet over to ISPs… read more about it here:

  2. PigsnieLite says:

    Why is your camera so shaky? Youre making me sick. More food posts please.


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