November 5, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s currently 1:51 a.m. I’m typing with one eye shut. Why? Because I literally just jumped out of bed about 50 seconds ago while in a very comfortable sleep. And I mean very comfortable.

See, I just bougtht new bedding yesterday:

And it was extremely comfortable and I was sleeping well, but I somehow remembered this hugeass website idea! I jumped up and here I am now, writing it down, because I have to.

What is this idea? Oh, I can’t tell you of course. But to remind myself here’s a hint for myself (It’s been done before by that guy but you can do it 100x better).

Okay, so basically, yeah, it’s been done once before that I know of, and it requires some advanced knowledge of scripting, coupled with programming. However, I believe the potential of such a site to be MAJOR, and once the site is done, it’s done, and will be instant success.

I dunno.. I’m gonna have to talk to like Jon now to maybe discuss something.. maybe sell my idea to him or something. I have an idea in mind already actually 😛

But OMG, hugeass moneymaker idea here.

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Posted: November 5th, 2005 under My Websites  

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