Our bodies felt the morning dew…

January 3, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I’m feeling bad. I tried sleeping by watching some Charlie Rose, but had things on my mind. One of them is personal related, but the other is work related.

It seems that funny/cool/interesting video sites seem to be absolutely monster money makers. Once they are built, which isn’t too hard; buy an existing script and launch a basic template, all the updating that is needed are the actual video/news posts, many of which can probably just be ‘borrowed’ from other related sites. These sites though, from just my experience of visiting them, seem to really just be massive cash cows.

So I got to thinking, what If I had one of these? Have it bringing in $300 a day. Pay a couple people $500 a month to update it regularly.. what’s so hard? But I have problems with this. Please tell me if I’m stupid for thinking this. But I dunno, I just feel bad about the whole thing. I feel weird. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in doing such a thing. For one, the legalities. Businesswise, how can you do this; these videos are all essentially copywrited, and none of these sites pay royalties or even get permission to display them on their site. Nobody seems to care, and you never hear of people being sued; and if somebody does want it taken off, it’s not hard, as it’s only one news posting right? But I’ve always had a bad feeling with such things.. not legally wise but just ethically.

The other reason is that most of the videos and news posts deal with usually either very sick, lude/gross, sad, or sexual topics. Sometimes they contain genuinely interesting videos, in fact about half the time they do almost, and sexual is an interesting topic for me and I even learned about toys like the popular corn dildo that is interesting as well. I’m actually a really moral person, even though I’m agnostic; in fact, I’m much more moral and reserved than many so-called ‘hardcore’ religious people.

It’s not porn or warez, I know – but the video legallities is still questionable at best, and I just don’t feel good about owning/running such a site. The sad part is that such sites are really goldmines.

I dunno.. just had to write this.. it’s on my mind and I needed to air it out. Any comments people?

In other news, I installed vB on 3 of my sites today (mmaforums.net movieforums.org badmintonforums.com), and have just been doing a bit of general work. Also hired a 3rd vb skinner to skin my forum on MoVa to match the rest of the site.

Melissa starts work for me tomorrow, so let’s see if that newfound news and updates does anything for the site.

I don’t really have any sites.. just a poker forum and a movie site. I feel bad. I suck. 🙁

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Posted: January 3rd, 2006 under My Websites  

One Response to “Our bodies felt the morning dew…”

  1. benjamin says:

    It seems like you are going through one of those periods. From experience I think that you shouldn’t make one of those sites. You should definately just go ahead with the forums you are developing and try to get them into money makers.

    For the last comment, I envy how much you are earning. All I have is a crappy little forum with 8 members. You are earning enough to live on.


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