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March 28, 2011 Posted by Michael Kwan

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You might think that autoblogging programs like WP Turbo would represent a direct threat to people like me. After all, I make my living as a freelance writer and people hire me to write content; if they can just buy a program that does that for them, why would they still need to pay me?

Naturally, there’s a pretty big difference between automated blogs and sites that need a little more manual labor on the part of writers, just as there’s a difference between a professional concert pianist and a computer program that spits out a MIDI tune. And just like that analogy, there is still a place for MIDI music and there is a place for autoblogging. Should you lean in that direction, is WP Turbo the program you want?

What Is WP Turbo?

With WP Turbo, you have the opportunity to generate a nearly endless number of automated websites. You really can set it and forget it, because after the initial set up process, these “blogs” will be able to update themselves with new content at intervals of your choosing. These niche blogs are going to be largely based around keywords, so you’ll need content to fit those key niches.

WP Turbo is a premium WordPress plugin, so you will need to get your domains and install WordPress first. You’ll want to install and customize your themes too. After that, WP Turbo can be configured to provide new content from a range of different sources. By and large, this plugin will make for “resource” sites, as it is able to work as a lyrics site, a recipe site, a job board, a Twitter aggregator and so on.

What Content Modules Are Included?

As you can see in the screenshot below, WP Turbo comes with a number of different “content modules.” At present, there are 21 of these, but the developers promise that they will be adding more in the future. It is with these modules that you can pull the content for your autoblogging purposes.

Premium WordPress Plugin to Create Niche Websites

The current modules are: Amazon, Articles, ClickBank, ICodes, eBay, Eventful, Flickr, Heyzap, IMDB, iTunes, Jobs, LinkShare, Musixmatch, Oodle, PressRelease, Recipes, RSS, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo News, and YouTube. As you can see, the source material can be quite varied, opening up quite a few opportunities for a lot of niche websites.

For each of those modules, you can set up a posting template. Take the eBay module as an example. When you go to configure it, you enter your affiliate ID and the version of eBay you’d like use (e.g., United States, Canada, Italy, and so on). From there, there is a “content” area where you can define the template itself, using the “tags” that are available for that template. In the case of eBay, you can insert the post title, published date, current price, end time, thumbnail, description, bid count, and so forth.

How Do I Set Up a Posting Campaign

In setting up the campaign itself, you’ll first want to configure the modules and templates as described above. After that, you can choose to set up a keyword campaign, an RSS campaign, or an Amazon BrowseNode campaign. You can read through some of the items on the features page for more of an explanation.

Using the keyword campaign as an example, you choose the name, choose the keywords, define the post interval (in hours or days), and load the post template. It’s possible to define a brand new template here, but it’s usually easier just to load an existing one.

Premium WordPress Plugin to Create Niche Websites

As you’d probably expect, it is possible to run more than one campaign at a time, checking up on the status on each of them through the WordPress control panel. Say, for example, that you are running a site that focuses on Ferrari supercars. You might have one campaign that pulls in Flickr images, another with Ferrari-related press releases, and yet another with Twitter mentions of the Italian brand.

This helps to create more varied content for your blog automatically.

How Do I Make Money with WP Turbo?

You’ll notice that some of the content modules are pre-configured for earning income, as would be the case with eBay and LinkShare. That’s straightforward enough with how you’d earn money. However, other content modules can be monetized quite easily too.

Premium WordPress Plugin to Create Niche Websites

Here is an example that I’m using with my fighting games blog. I used the YouTube content module and set up a campaign with that. It pulls videos related to certain video game franchises and creates new blog posts for me with the video description and the embedded video.

To the left of the screenshot are the titles of five posts (in draft) that WP Turbo was able to create and, to the right is an example of what that post would look like on the site. There’s no monetization in the post itself, but I easily placed an AdSense banner in the left sidebar and there’s a private ad slot in the right sidebar. Just like running any other blog, auto or otherwise, how you choose to monetize is up to you.

Beyond that, you can also recoup part of the cost of the WordPress plugin through the affiliate program, which pays 35% for every referred sale.

Is WP Turbo Worth the Money?

WP Turbo currently sells for $149, which grants you a license key to use on as many websites as you’d like. This might sound somewhat expensive for “just a plugin,” but think about the kind of time that you’ll be able to save without having to manually update your niche blogs. It won’t replace a “true” blog, but it will help to create multiple passive income streams.

Does the price still sound too high? Well, you can enter “TYLER7562” in the coupon code area to get a 20% discount. Considering that you can implement the plugin on multiple blogs, you should be able to recoup the cost without too much effort.

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21 Responses to “Premium WordPress Plugin for Niche Websites”

  1. Dino Vedo says:

    Ive seen stuff like that already, but the issue is duplicate content. Your listings wont rank high if its the same exact content from another site, same with youtube videos.

    It would be awesome if this could create unique content as well!

  2. What’s the difference between WProbot and WPturbo?

  3. Yea I am wondering if it is unique content or if you will still have do that yourself, is this just an updating service?

  4. Never heard of that particular plugin but something very similar.I’ll be sure to take a look at WPTurbo and see and good it really is.

    Thanks For Sharing,
    Bradley Nordstrom

  5. that looks awesome Tyler. I can’t wait to check it out. I wonder how unique it gets though.

  6. WP Turbo looks pretty decent! Will surely have to give it a try.

  7. I would still prefer wp-robot…It works pretty good for me.

  8. I would still prefer wp-robot..
    It has been working pretty good for me.

  9. paul says:

    Thanks for the 20 percent off!

  10. anı defteri says:

    Ive seen stuff like that already, but the issue is duplicate content. Your listings wont rank high if its the same exact content from another site, same with youtube videos.

    It would be awesome if this could create unique content as well!

  11. great review…this plugin seems to get a lot of interest as well as ive seen reviews of it on other blogs!

  12. Jasmine says:

    Thanks for the intro to this WP Turbo plugin. It looks pretty neat but I doubt it will be really useful since it can’t create unique content. 🙂

  13. @ Jasmine, exactly as someone else mentioned, your listings won’t rank high if it’s from the same website!

  14. DJ Sophia says:

    WP Turbo Is a nice wordpress plugin…I have planed to purchase it soon….

  15. I think plugins like WP Turbo definitely have a place and I’ll give it a try for sure, to see what it’s capable of but the risk of duplicate content is probably going to be a major factor. Even without that, the originality won’t come anywhere close to something written by me personally.

  16. Jasmine says:

    Thanks for the great info on WP Turbo. After some research, I think it is quite similar to another great plugin called WP robot.

  17. Computers Ph says:

    I’m tempted to go autoblogging but I think I’ll stay with manual for now. Nice price for unlimited website use.

  18. The manual blogging is the best way to earn moey. These auto blogging softwares can’t take the place of human thinkings at all.

  19. It was just way too high for the price though. However it seems like its worth the try. I’m gonna have to check that one out.


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