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October 12, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz


Prizes Update

It’s been less than a week since I started looking for advertisers  to sponsor my upcoming contest, yet the results so far have been much better than I had ever expected. 

The contest now has $1,760 worth of confirmed prizes, and around $1,000 of unconfirmed prizes. I say unconfirmed because I’m still working out the details with the various sponsors, and some of them are waiting on site revamps and relaunches.

I know some of you are probably interested in a sneak peak of what some of the prizes are, so here’s some of what’s on the plate so far (including unconfirmed prizes):

  • Choice of custom WordPress Theme or vBulletin Skin
  • Free Subscriptions
  • One-Year Free Hosting Package & Domain Name
  • Featured Review
  • Content Services
  • 3-4 prize packages of $200 cash from an Affiliate Network
  • DVD Box set of your choice
  • Quality Script for Video-Sharing community like YouTube

How does that sound so far? Enough to sway you to participate in the contest?

Sponsor the Contest

The contest will run between 4-6 weeks, and your product/service will be listed on the contest’s page with a link to your site as well.

If you could donate a prize or two for the contest, it would be much appreciated, and hopefully you would gain some nice exposure and possibly conversions as a result as well.

For obvious reasons, we are not interested in giving out “coupons” such as discounts or two-for-one offers; they should be completely free prizes with no strings attached.

If you’re interested in sponsoring’s upcoming contest, please get back to me at or through my contact form.

Also, if you know of any companies, freelancers, or websites that might be interested in sponsoring the contest, please let them know about the contest or contact me and I’ll contact them myself :)

When Will the Contest Start?

A number of people are starting to show interest in the contest and are eager to get started. As such, a lot of people want to know when it will start.

I don’t have an exact date for the contest yet, as I’m waiting for a number of ‘pending’ sponsors to confirm their sponsorship and to work out the details with me regarding the prizes. Also, some sponsors are currently waiting for a redesign or new site launch.

However, I’d like to start the contest no later than two weeks from now, preferably sooner. Therefore, it should be roughly around 6-10 days from now.

Although the longer you have to wait for the contest, the more prizes there will be to win 🙂

But don’t feel that you have to wait for the contest to start posting on… maybe I’ll even reward those who get the discussion started again before the contest starts somehow… 😉

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