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October 15, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz
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PublisherSpot Launched!

Remember PublisherSpot, formerely codenamed ProjectAA? I had first announced it 6-months ago on April 1st. Half a year later, it’s finally finished.

Well… kinda. The site is 100% completed in terms of programming and design. All that is needed now is the actual content. The hardest part you say? Perhaps, but perhaps not so much in this case. While I plan on providing very professional and informational reviews on the site, I believe that the structure and programming of the site will still remain the hardest part in the development of the site.

The site is fully functioning, except for an issue with the administration area which is not functioning for me. I’ll have my developer fix it tomorrow when I catch him online; it was fully working when we tested it on his server, something must have just not got changed correctly when it was moved to my server. Should be an easy 2-minute fix.

What is PublisherSpot? will cater to internet web publishers by providing informative reviews and summaries of the various internet ad network companies.

Aside from presenting detailed reviews and specific information such as what ad network media packages contain and what forms of payment they accept, will allow visitors to search dynamically for network companies via an in-house search engine. Some examples of search features will include searching for ad networks that serve pop-ups, ad networks with a rating of 90% or better, or searching for contextual ad networks.

The Programming is 100% completely hand-coded from scratch and is unique. Great care was taken in the development process to ensure a long-lasting well oiled robust engine.

The HTML is W3C valid. The backend engine was written in Perl, with custom modules written for easy future modification. A custom templating and mod_rewrite/SEO system was implemented and all HTML, CSS, and programming files are well documented and commented.


Pushing the envelope even more, was tested in 23 different browsers and is compliant with 800×600 resolutions.

The Plan

I honestly believe PublisherSpot is going to be one of the most useful websites for anyone who seeks information on advertising agencies.

I will start with the biggest and most popular networks first, such as Google AdSense, ValueClickMedia, Casale Media, etc. and eventually move on to include more specialized sites such as PartyPoker’s Affiliate system.

I’ll have to start by writing most of the reviews myself, however I’d be more than grateful if anyone else would help contribute reviews.

I have no intention on adding a single ad to the site, not now or in the future. I plan on monetizing it by simply having my referrer/affiliate-id in the links to the actual sites. To me the idea was a no-brainer: why work hard building sites and
monetizing them when you can simply profit from others who will do it for you?
Sign up just one webmaster who is big or goes on to do very well, and you’re set.

That being said, I honestly believe this to be a win-win situation. I honestly believe PublisherSpot will be an immensely valuable website to webmasters, and in return it should hopefully help profit me.

Blog Updates

  • Added link to list of sites on the right side
  • Removed two blog links as one has been down for a week now and both were rarely updated
  • Can anyone tell me what a ping is in relation to a blog or WordPress?
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12 Responses to “PublisherSpot Launched!”

  1. Small Potato says:

    A ping is like saying “hey, my blog is updated.” In WordPress, check Options > Writing. At the bottom, you’ll see Update Services.

    By default, you ping Pingomatic pings many different ping service sites. You can check for the list of sites on its home page.

    WordPress ping automatically. I’m not too sure about other blog platforms.

    Without a or the “Ping”, I think blogs would have a harder time getting crawled and/or indexed by search engines.

    And Tyler, did you mess with the comments template? When people have logged in, they’re not supposed to see the Name, Email, and Website fields.

  2. Nick says:

    Just thought i’d bring to your attention an error in the PublisherSpot rating system.

    If you rate the same review twice, it kills the script and returns an error page. A nice inline error/status message would be more appropriate?

  3. tylercruz says:

    Small Potato – Thanks. So I guess it’s good to enable pings then. I removed it on a few posts before because I had no idea what it was when something would ‘ping’ me.

    As for the comments template – you’re right. I was wondering why it didn’t do that… unfortunately I don’t really know how to fix it. Any ideas?

    Nick – Thanks, this has been fixed. Let me know if you have any problems with it still.

  4. wesley says:

    Too bad the layout is just soo bad – sorry to say so – why are you even using 800×600? Most webdevelopers have larger monitors than that, which is your demographic.

  5. Small Potato says:

    If you haven’t touched the comments.php file, then upload the original comments.php file of your theme to overite the current one. Assuming the theme designer skinned it correctly, the comments template should include both “logged in” and “not logged in” versions.

  6. AndrewR says:

    I agree with wesley, that is a horrible template. Most of the other designers were way better than him in your contest.

  7. tylercruz says:

    Everyone has their own design style. I like this style. There were only 1 or 2 other designs that were around this quality in my eyes.

    Many of you guys prefer designs that I personally hate and think look pathetic, but it’s all a matter of taste.

    I think that once the site actually has content and more ‘filler’, it will make more sense and grow on you 🙂

  8. wesley says:

    I’m sorry it won’t 🙂

    It’s just all wrong, the colors don’t fit. Some stuff is completely rounded, other stuff is partially rounded, other stuff is not rounded at all, other stuff has a triangle cut out. The margins aren’t equal (top margin). It is a mess.

    It really doesn’t matter if YOU like it, it is your demographic that must like it. So far the score is 2-0 🙂

  9. tylercruz says:

    I think I fixed the comments thing. Testing now.

  10. tylercruz says:

    Okay, fixed. Now what about the stupid smilies? They always appear on a new line instead of just appearing in the text… maybe I’ll find a place to turn them off entirely..

  11. tylercruz says:

    There, removed that too 🙂

  12. carbine18 says:

    i love the idea of the site, I have been looking around for something like this :). My only suggestions would be tweak with the design and make it more consistent. also spread things out a little more, it seems very cramped to me.


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