Run What Ya Brung

May 2, 2007 Posted by ROI_Guy

Years ago when the earth was still barely formed I used to be a car nut when  dreamed about the 67 Mustang Coyote swap kit.  Back in the day when cars had quaint devices like carburetors, ignition points and timing that you set without plugging in a re-programmed EPROM.  I had a little Falcon Sprint with a 260ci V-8 and a loud (factory) exhaust.  I had no real tuning or racing skills but I still wanted to be like the “big boys.  I found a local drag strip that offered “Run What Ya Brung” days.  You could enter anything that met basic road safety standards, and when the bottom light on the “Christmas Tree” went green, just stand on it and steer.

I don’t think I ever placed better than second in my weight/displacement class, and usually never that good … but I got to put my tire marks on top of the rubber Don Garlits and Connie Kilitta had laid down the Saturday before and I still have a fistful of official NHRA Chrondek timing slips … an infinite number more than the average guy who wanted to race, but never rolled up to the staging lights.

I won’t go any further down memory lane here, you can Google some of those names and terms if you want a history lesson, but this is rally about making money on line … one of Tyler’s main themes here.  Lately the “T” has been entertaining us with his efforts to learn and put to use an AdWords/Affiliate Marketing income venture.  I’ve seen a lot of comments like “I smell failure” and such …. mainly, I’m going to guess, from people who aren’t using AdWords and doing any affiliate marketing.

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There’s nothing wrong with predicting failure and waiting to see it happen.  Lots of people buy MUFC tickets to root against the team they hate … and many people go to car races or air shows wanting to see a big, fiery crash.  But I often get the idea that this attitude I see (it sure isn’t confined to Tyler’s blog) comes from a real fear of failure and a jealousy toward people who are actually doing something rather than sitting in a chair thinking of reasons it can’t be done.

I have a little news for some folks … a refresher for the rest of you who already know the score.  We live in a swamp.  The stench of failure is all around us.  Sitting idle won’t get anyone up and out of the smell. The way to get away from the smell of failure is to get out there and do something.

If you think you can make money buying and selling domains, then buy some and try to sell them.  You chances of success?  Who can say for sure?  But one thing for sure is that if you sit on the sidelines, your chances of success are exactly 0.00000% … As Wane Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Everyone reading this post knows something about something.  Maybe domaining isn’t your forte’.  Fine, look around at some of the other ways to make money, research, (might I suggest a little place known as ?) pick one and DO something.  You won’t make anything reading blogs and waiting for a sure thing, that’s a 100% sure thing and you don’t even need to buy my ebook to find out about it.

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10 Responses to “Run What Ya Brung”

  1. Good post. Damn lost money thought it was going to be about digg 🙁

  2. Nicely put ROI 😉 I’ve enjoyed Tyler’s recent posts, and I hope he continues them in spite of all the negative comments.

  3. I, for one, don’t mean to discourage Tyler from posting. I like ’em. I do post my opinion on his actions, though. I don’t, however, even read these ROI posts. They don’t belong on a personal blog, I don’t think.

  4. wesley says:

    Who is “Roi_guy”?

  5. Zigire says:

    I don’t care for Roi_Posts either.. same with those spammy ‘Review me for a link’ posts. It’s not worthwile for me… I do, however, like hearing about Tylers dip in to adwords and the affiliate stuff

  6. Sure says:

    _Who is “Roi_guy”?_

    Agreed… sounds like the Janitor from some middle school

  7. Cam says:

    What’s with the hating guys? He’s providing some useful and intresting posts, if you don’t like it, shh.

  8. Sharap says:

    Who are you? His bodyguard?

  9. WallStreetJournal says:

    He sounds like tyler’s daddy coming in to protect him.

  10. ROI_Guy says:

    WallStreet … I’m not protecting Tyler, as if I could. I think he can more than look out for himself, but just so ya know, I am Waaayyy older than Tyler’s daddy 😉


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