Seeking Sponsors for Large Webmaster Contest

October 7, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

If you own or operate a company or website that offers products, services, or subscriptions, please read on. If you don’t… well… you might as well read on anyway 馃檪


Remember I’ve been so preoccupied with my other projects lately that I had completely forgotten about it. I decided that I’m going to try to get it going again, and I plan on doing this by holding a contest for it.

Now, this won’t be the first time I’ve held a contest for it… in fact it will be the third one. The first two contests didn’t fare that well, but I plan on succeeding where the other two fell short by making some changes as to how the contest is run, and by offering even more prizes.

In the first contest, I gave away $800 in cold hard cash from my own pocket. In the second, I gave away another $1,000. For this new contest, I plan on giving away at least $2,000 worth of prizes. In addition, it will be easier to qualify for prizes this time around. A lot of participants in the last contest said the eligibility requirements scared them off, so I’m keeping that in mind.

I also think that since my blog is a bit bigger now, that I can use it as even greater leverage as compared to last time. And while has PublisherForums died off over the past few months, I do have an existing userbase of over 500 members that I can e-mail, and nearly 7,000 posts that provide some sort of existing discussion base to work from.

The contest will run for one month, and your product/service will be listed on the contest’s page with a link to your site as well.

If you could donate a prize or two for the contest, it would be much appreciated, and hopefully you would gain some nice exposure and possibly conversions as a result as well.

Some examples of prizes we could use are:

路 E-books (If they’re not normally free of course)
路 Account Credit (If you own an advertising network for example)
路 Free 1-Year Subscription (If you offer such a service)
路 Free Logo or Design (If you’re a freelancer)
路 Free Advertising (If you own a popular blog or website)
路 Software/Products/Etc.

For obvious reasons, we are not interested in giving out “coupons” such as discounts or two-for-one offers; they should be completely free prizes with no strings attached.

I started e-mailing a few contacts last night and two have contacted me back already and are interested.


The primary focus of PublisherForums is to unite web publishers in a community where discussion is revolved around earning income from the web.

PublisherForums has the most targeted and beneficial target base for webmaster-related advertisers. Visitors of PublisherForums are webmasters who are either already earning money or starting to earn money, and most members are entrepreneurs who invest and spend money into their sites. Our audience is perfect for webmaster-related advertisers to reach.


If you’re interested in sponsoring’s upcoming contest, please get back to me at or through my contact form.

Thanks in advance!

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Posted: October 7th, 2007 under Contests  

7 Responses to “Seeking Sponsors for Large Webmaster Contest”

  1. Jacob says:

    Are you only taking prizes such as e-books and the such or are you also going to take cash prizes and the such?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Oh, certainly anything of value that most webmasters would enjoy. Cash is more than welcome, but I figure that most companies would rather give away a product or service as it’s a lot cheaper and a better form of advertising on their part.

      I currently have around 7 unconfirmed advertisers interested in sponsoring the contest so far… around $700-800 worth in prizes 馃檪

  2. Jacob says:

    Yeah, I understand what you mean – I just don’t have any items to give away, so I may have to just give you some cash or something. We’ll see what I can scrounge together.

  3. When is the contest schedule?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      It depends on when I have enough sponsors/advertisers. I have a bunch interested right now but a few of them have new sites in the works/pending and are waiting for them to go up. The PublisherForums contest, assuming I get enough sponsors for it, will probably launch around 2-weeks from now and run for 4-6 weeks.

  4. Good Writeup Keep it up

  5. Kanthaswamy says:

    When is this taking place


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