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August 28, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz


Last week, David Weinrot, Shopzilla’s Vice President of Content Marketing and Operations, contacted me after reading John Chow’s second review of PublisherSpot. Shopzilla had recently launched their publisher program and David has been busy trying to get the word out.

For those unfamiliar with Shopzilla, they are one of the leading comparison-shopping sites on the internet, boasting an index of over 30-million products from more than 92,000 stores. They are also part of

I tested and reviewed the site, and added a review of their publisher program on which you can read here. It is important to note that their program is currently in beta mode, but they are definitely up and running and accepting applicants.

Overall I wasn’t too impressed with their publisher program, but I’m sure that David will strive to improve it before it releases out of beta.

That being said, Shopzilla has partnered with PublisherSpot and is giving out $39.99 to any approved applicant who signs up through PublisherSpot. As stated in my review, Shopzilla lists no prerequisites or requirements for publishers on their site, but does turn down applicants whose sites do not seem of decent quality. Thus, publishers looking to use Shopzilla on a small personal blog or website with very little traffic or content will probably not be accepted.

To sign up to Shopzilla through PublisherSpot, click on this link. It should take you to a special sign-up page which will look like the screenshot below:


Shopzilla’s minimum payout is only $50 which means you only need to obtain $10 in earnings before being able to cash out $50. However, hopefully you will find Shopzilla’s program to be a beneficial and useful addition to your preferred list of ad networks and will continue to earn with them.

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  1. […] Shopzilla Giving Out Free $39.99 Last week, David Weinrot, Shopzilla?s Vice President of Content Marketing and Operations, contacted me after reading John Chow?s second review of PublisherSpot. Shopzilla had recently launched their publisher program and David has been … […]

  2. Wow $40 Just for signing up

  3. Click Input says:

    I signed up and have a site I will give it a test on.

  4. study guide says:

    40 bucks for a mere sign up? This sounds interesting and I might try it out. Thanks a lot for the tip tyler

  5. Our thanks to Tyler for doing an exhaustive review of the Shopzilla Publisher Program.

    In his review and in this post, Tyler indicates that he’s “not too impressed” with our program.

    He cites two main points that cause him to draw this conclusion. The first is that Shopzilla doesn’t disclose its revenue share. My response to this is that publishers need to evaluate our affiliate program in the context of yield, i.e., how much they make per 1,000 impressions. While programs such as Amazon Associates and eBay Affiliate Program define specific revenue shares, it has no real bearing on how much a publisher will actually generate in earnings. Earnings for those programs (and ours) are a function of click throughs and conversions. Just because you know what the “rev share” is doesn’t mean you’ll know what you’ll generate in earnings. You’ll know know what you can earn if you run a banner or integrate a link.

    The other point that Tyler mentions in his review of Shopzilla Publisher Program is the inability to customize ad unit border background, borders and font colors. We acknowledge that’s a feature we need to introduce. It’s in our backlog of feature enhancements. So stay tuned!

    We wanted to point out a couple of other things that may not have come through in the review.

    The first point relates to timing of payments. Publishers should be pleased to know that we initiate the payment cycle 5 days after the close of the month, which means you’ll get your earnings payment on roughly the 10th.

    The second point is our commitment and level of service to publishers. We think you’ll be surprised at our responsiveness to the needs of the publisher community.

    Thanks for your interest in our program.

  6. Martin says:

    I got approved, thanks Tyler!

    I wonder how long it will take, or if I even make it, to get that extra $10 to get paid. I like the idea, but the banners and everything aren’t suited for the Deal Site I wanted to put them on. Hopefully I can get access to the API so I can grab their specials and put them on my site.

  7. Click Input says:

    That was pretty BS… they talk about being similar to Amazon/Auction Ads etc, so I apply with a site that does well with those.


    What a waste of time!


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