Sitepoint contacts Tyler

November 2, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I just got a message from the Managing Editor at SitePoint, asking if I’d like to be involved in contributing to their new kit, which is aimed specifically at webmasters with content sites who want to imrove their revenue from advert networks or affiliates.

I replied back, and also recommended Jon, as I was asked for any other recommendations.

So, that’s cool. My greedy side talking now, it’d be nice if I’d be compensated somehow – I understand royalties are out of the question, but perhaps a free kit or something would be nice. Or banning powers. That could work too 😉

Hmm… am I becoming a writer? I just finished co-writing a few chapters of a poker book and a 40-page pitch letter to publishers, and now this… hmmm…..


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Posted: November 2nd, 2005 under Miscellaneous  

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  1. Gethin says:

    Sounds excellent Tyler, oh by the way thanks for linking to my blog 🙂


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