March 11, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

And so here folks, is logo #2.

I wasn’t pleased with the initial choice mockups, but chose one and got my revisions down, and I’m happy with the final product:

So that’s two down, and three to go. Can’t wait to see the others 🙂 So while terrorist #2 is busy working on that, terrorist #1 finally started the skinning for MMAForums yesterday (agreed upon) and I should get a preview/sneakpeak of it in a day or two.

I’ve been outsourcing my Project J…erm… project, and it’s been stressful (as usual). I haven’t outsourced overseas for a year, and that was only for 1 or 2 projects; I haven’t really outsourced a lot for about two years. You see, for those of you who haven’t done this yourself, the majority of workers and dev teams you will find are cheap Indian labour. Some are from Pakistan. Some are from poor European counties like Russia. I found the cheap European countries to be of slightly higher quality and skill than India, however Indians are always the most professional.

This is the tricky part, and where you have to be very careful. Indians, may not be great when it comes to design and programming or high quality work, but they are very professional when it comes to selling you their services 🙂 They are extremely kind and curtious and respectful. I believe they are a great option for outsourcing tech support or customer service… especially customer service.. but for projects such as Project J.. they are a scary choice.

So I’ve been weeding through all these people. I found one from New York, whose company has done work for many large American fortune 500 companies, but upon closer inspection, I became a bit skeptical, you see, portfolio speaks volume to me… I’ll hire a company basing my decision about 90% on their portfolio.

One thing that surprises me, although I guess it shouldn’t have, is how low everyone is willing to work for the project. I can understand competition and everything, but this is no easy project! It requires complex programming, and everyone is offering such low bids. This is one of the major decisions I have to work with here. Do I risk paying a very affordable fee, in return for a half-assed result, with the result probabilities being: 50% half assed, 40% completely crappy, 10% good/hoped result.

Is it worth it? See, if it comes out crappy, I plan on selling it. The question now is, is it so crappy that I can’t even sell it for a profit? Or is it just crappy enough that I can sell it for a profit? And run away lucky?

This is what I’m faced with here…

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4 Responses to “Sizzzzzle…”

  1. Admin says:


    I think it is entirely inapropriate to continously and unregretably refer to such honest, diligent people as terriosts, and I demand you appologize formally, immediatly.

    Haha, just kidding – that’s funny shit.

    – Cameron

  2. Tyler says:

    Oh, I was just about to reply until I read your last message.

    To anyone who DOES find it offensive.. it’s just a bit of satirical humour since PayPal doesn’t send to specific countries because of US foreign policy. I call them terrorists because it’s all so silly and absurd.

  3. Your right on the money when referring to Indian web development companies. My experience with them have been subpar to say the least. The end product was 1/5 of what I had hoped for. It still ended up costing me a bundle.

  4. Brian says:

    tyler, i am wondering if you would mind sharing their url so i can contact them about a logo or two.


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