So I’m Trying to Sell Off The Majority of My Sites

January 19, 2013 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Okay… so far, so good: that’s 4 new posts in the past 8 days. I’m trying to get a new post up every 48 hours but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Shoppok is an online classifieds here you may find a lot of handmade and unique items for sale.  Many sellers have taken the dive into selling on classifieds full time, while others have remained members on the site as affiliate marketers. These sellers have found that they can greatly increase their income with little effort if they use the power of automation to automate their classified businesses.

In this post I have another video post for you. In it, I talk about how I am trying to sell off the majority of my network of websites, and more importantly – why.

It marks an interesting point in my online “career” as content-based community websites were my main source of revenue for the longest time and I am now shifting towards other avenues.

Below is the 12-minute video:

(Note: You may need to visit the post directly at if you’re reading this via e-mail or RSS in order to see it.)

The link to some of the websites I still own is Again, I haven’t updated it in a while so some of those sites have already been sold, but if you’re interested in making me an offer on one of them, contact me.

That’s my post for today – I’ll have another one for you in another 48 hours!

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5 Responses to “So I’m Trying to Sell Off The Majority of My Sites”

  1. sadek says:

    I can’t understand why are you doing so. you can move to other source without even selling them.

  2. Dave Starr says:

    Great to see you outside of a complex spreadsheet .. even on a short break. Don’t get me wrong, I know where the money is coming from and the potential in the affiliate marketing mode you are pursuing, but it is a lot of head-down, concentration-intense work.

    Good idea to sell these other “non-core” properties off, it’s hard to focus when you are spread too thin, I know that for sure.

    So when you coming to the Philippines again?

  3. Dean Saliba says:

    Well all move on eventually to other areas, I’m surprised that a lot of your sites have not sold on Flippa, could it be that you are looking for too much money for sites that are not generating any more and little traffic?

  4. It’s hard enough keeping one site updated all the time, I can’t imagine having to run multiple websites and keeping up with all the work.

  5. So after you sell all your sites you will be left off with how many? Which one of your sites has the highest traffic and how do you monetize it?


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