Sponsor a Prize for My Upcoming Contest

October 3, 2010 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Attention all website owners, service providers, and to anyone looking to market themselves:

I am going to be launching a pretty big contest and so am now looking for advertisers who would like to sponsor a prize or two for it.

I will not be revealing the details of the actual contest here as I want for it to be a little bit of a surprise when it does launch, so if you’re interested in being a sponsor, e-mail me at tyler@tylercruz.com or through my contact form and I’ll provide you with all the details

The contest will run for 2 months and is completely webmaster/online entrepreneur based.

While being a sponsor by giving out a prize does not suit everyone – for example, I never sponsor anything with my blog because the only prize I could give out is cash – it is usually a fantastic opportunity to anyone where it does not actually cost them anything. For example, if you’re a WordPress plugin developer, it doesn’t actually cost you anything to give out a few free copies, so in a sense it is free advertising.

Examples of Prizes I’m Looking For:

While I know that a lot of you are very giving, I do have to be a bit careful in the types of prizes that I accept for sponsorship. As a contest participant, there’s nothing that dissuades me from competing in a contest more than unappealing prizes.

For example, I am not interested in giving out “coupons” such as discounts or two-for-one offers; they should be completely free prizes with no strings attached.

Please note that I am looking for prizes that would be webmaster, business, or online entrepreneur related, although I’d accept unrelated prizes if they are big enough.

Also, please note that I am only interested in accepting prizes that are worth at least $25+ and no E-Books please!

Good Examples

  • Cash
  • Physical products/merchandise (Ex. Cameras, iPad, etc.)
  • Services such as web design, programming, etc.
  • Website plugins, scripts, or licenses
  • Free advertising

Poor Examples

  • Discounts, coupons, special “offers”
  • E-books
  • Free advertising on a low-traffic site
  • Unrelated prizes (Ex. X-Men action figurine)

Also, if you know of any companies, freelancers, or websites that might be interested in sponsoring the contest, please let them know about the contest or contact me and I’ll contact them myself :)

I am hoping to be able to launch the contest with $4,000 worth of prizes.

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14 Responses to “Sponsor a Prize for My Upcoming Contest”

  1. Tyler Cruz says:

    Already have 3 sponsors, keep ’em coming! This is going to be an awesome contest!

    Roughly $400 down, $3,500 to go!

  2. Interesting, fired off a mail 🙂

  3. Winning an iPad would be a very cool prize though

  4. Hi Tyler,

    I’m interested and have a great prize to add but first need to know:

    1. What’s in it for the sponsor?
    2. Will the contest be held on TC.com?
    3. Who is the contest open for?

    Lou Sparx

  5. S Ahsan says:

    Hey Tyler, expect to receive an email from me within 24-48 hours 🙂

  6. Essay says:

    So, you are still gathering sponsors? When you are going to launch your final list and when contest will start.?

  7. Paul says:

    iPad would be a great prize.

  8. Any updates on when this contest is going to launch? curious for the prizes :mrgreen:

  9. SEO tips says:

    Yeah any update on the contests? when is it gonna launch and what are going to be the prizes

  10. Yeah any update on the contests, about the date and the prizes

  11. Wallpapers says:

    Any updates about contest?
    Best regards!

  12. Tyler Cruz says:

    I plan to launch the contest within 7-10 days. I am still waiting on the confirmation of some prizes, but look to already have $4,000 in prize value. I might try shooting for $5,000 as a result.


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