May 22, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Hah! I did it! After I thought I wasn’t going to be able to acquire it anymore, this morning things turned around and the domain is now in my hands.

That puts both and in my Starcraft domain collection, which just started yesterday. Many people are asking me how much I paid for them, and while I usually disclose such information, right now I’m going to keep quiet, so you’ll have to guess 😉

The acquisition of these domains marks the end of my hunt-em-down virginity. As many readers of my blog may already know, I’ve bought and sold many domains and websites in the past, many of them fairly large purchases. However, I’ve never before aggressively hunted down domains by phone and made handsome offers, and end up getting them.


Previously I usually resorted to e-mail or IM, and while I actually prefer to talk on the phone these days when talking to designers or programmers, I’ve never taken the aggressive stance (if you will) of phoning others to make offers on their domains or sites, when they aren’t up for sale.

So I’m proud, I guess is what I’m saying. Sure this is nothing other than phoning owners of domains and offering to buy them, but it’s something I’ve never done before, and now it’s a new and valuable tool I can add to my belt.

I feel is very valuable, which kind of makes me regret my selling of, but I still made the right decision. I made over a 10x profit on the domain, and while it’s a fantastic domain and I’ve played Halflife before and enjoy it, I don’t enjoy it enough to warrant making and maintaining a site for it. But still, I love good domains, and it’s always hard to see my babies go (I really regret selling; especially since it’s now a PR7!)

To put the value of and into perspective, consider the following:

  • is the official site
  • is owned by iREIT (I’ve worked with them before), which is a very successful domain acquisition company which parks them for type-in traffic, so they definitely won’t develop the site, and will very unlikely sell it unless an enormous offer was made.
  • Blizzard, the company behind Starcraft, are very in-tune with its community and fanbase and are fine with such fansites, often linking to them from their sites even!
  • On DNForum yesterday a member put up the domains and for sale (I was looking for those.. lol!) with a $2500 OBO BIN. I put a small bid on them which was declined. Five hours later it was currently marked as “pending sale!”.That means the potential buyer didn’t even try to bid, he just bought them straight out. I replied with a $550 bid as I want to really monopolize the market, and while I really like those two domains, I can’t see myself paying $2500 for them, especially since I now own… but you know me and domains… anyhow, another guy came and bought it at the lowered BIN price of $1,000. This means that there is definitely a strong desire for Starcraft domains now, and if those two sold for $1000 so quickly, then my and should really be worth something nice.Do I regret not grabbing those two for $1,000? Not really, they are good and would be good for my collection, but $1,000 is a bit too much for them for me, especially since I already have a good collection.

Last night I spoke with a designer for vBulletinSkinz for 3 hours, my voice was very sore afterwards. I’ve never worked with this designer before, and he won’t be able to start for 3-4 weeks, so I hope things work out well. Man, I’ve already invested a lot of money onto this starcraft site…

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10 Responses to “ Acquisition”

  1. Nice purchase, i would of bought those two though, it was probably a small fraction of what you paid for StarCraft2.Net.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I wouldn’t have got them even I had wanted to pay $1000 for them; I didn’t notice him lowering his BIN because I was sleeping, and when I woke up it was bought at the BIN…

  2. Mike says:

    I like SC2.NET the best. If I were you I would make this the main site.

  3. Ulchie says:

    I think they are good domains, but having a domain that will stand the test of time is the best.

    I know it will probably be 10 or 15 years before a SC3 comes out, but in the event that
    it is sooner, it could possibly hurt your sc2 site. If it was a domain that didn’t have the 2 in it
    it might last a bit longer for branding purposes, but if its a success I’m sure it will survive the transition.

    I’m sure you’ll still do alright regardless of the “2”.

  4. Tom says:

    monopolize is a big word..
    not only the domain is what you will get success..
    Also quality content will do it..

    But good luck

  5. Devon says:

    Hey, I’m a long time reader of your blog and own

    Please let me know if you’re interested, I’d consider selling. You can e-mail me at the address I used to post this message.

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  7. Money Blog says:

    So have you found it more useful to call people if you want to buy their domains? I have emailed about 4 or 5 people in the past day or so, asking them if they want to sell them domain (all domains have either been parked or 404), and I have not gotten an answer yet.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Well that’s too early to tell since I haven’t contacted that many people over the phone yet, but it’s definitely more satisfying in that you’ll at least have an answer of yes or no…

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