The Arms Race

January 4, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

A number of weeks back j0n bought a crazy top-of-the-line computer with 3 LCD monitors, as well as a new desk.

His specs were:

Processor: 2.4 GhZ AMD 64 939 with virus protection down to the processor core
Hard Drive: 500GB / 2x SATA drives
Graphics 2 x 256MB (512MB Graphics)
3 x 19″ TFT monitor
CD/DVD Readers/Writers
Floppy Drive
nForce4 Motherboard SLI

Very nice… $3000 USD. Now, I wanted really bad to one-up him here and just barely beat his computer, but where would it end? Haha, well the truth is that I don’t need anything that fancy. And as much as I’d love to have more than one monitor, for me it’d really just be a vanity thing, as I’m perfectly capable of multitasking all I need to on one.

That being said, here’s mine:

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 939 Processor
19-inch LCD LG monitor
2 GB DDR Memory
Nvidia Geforce 6600 256 MB PCI-E Video
6 Channel Audio
10/100 Networking
16x DVD RW Drive
Windows XP

So it’s half-decent I guess. But I also am getting a really nice desk. The box was so huge it wouldn’t be carriable without a dolly, so we’re gonna get it later this week with a dolly probably. My computer should be ready for pick up by next week on Wednesday. I’ll have pictures for you. Anyhow, with the nice 19-inch LCD and the realllly nice desk, my apartment is gonna look real cool. I’m gonna buy a chair rolly thing to glide on and a nice new ‘executive-style’ chair as well. Wheeeeeeee!

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  1. benjamin says:

    Very nice computer. I am always inspired by seeing people’s workspaces


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