The Easiest Way to Watch Netflix Outside of The United States!

September 9, 2014 Posted by BarryTE

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I’ve decided to arrange with Tyler Cruz a guest post to help people unblock online services, so you can access Netflix, Spotify, Pandora and any other streaming service from anywhere in the world.

Netflix is one my favourite video streaming services available today, it gives me access to thousands of TV shows and movies, from Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, to House of Cards and Battlestar Galactica.  It’s definitely the king of video streaming. Whilst this is great news for those of us in the States, if you live or you are traveling on business outside of the US, you’ll be greeted with this rather depressing message “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.”

Netflix, as with all websites, can detect where you are in the world by your IP address. Every time you visit any web page you reveal which country you are visiting its page from.  This is the reason you cannot access Netflix when you’re outside of America – Netflix’s system knows you’re abroad, it sees your non-US IP address, and blocks your access.

The Secret to Unblock Netflix

The key to unblock Netflix is to fool it into believing you are in the States, and if you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that’s exactly what you will do, if you need one come here and check now 벳무브 코드.

VPNs have received a lot of press over the past year as more people are using them to secure their data when using  public Wi-Fi, they know that can hide their online activity from governments using a VPN like vpnpeek, and of course, people are using them to bypass restrictions set by video streaming sites – namely Netflix.

How to Change Your IP Address

If you’re based outside the US then you need an American IP, and you can obtain one of these by using a VPN.  I’ve been using the VPN provider Hide My Ass! (I love the name) for a few months now, and I have found them to be the easiest one to use.

How to Use Hide My Ass!:

To get started, you will need to sign up to Hide My Ass! and purchase a subscription. They have three different ones to choose from,  a monthly, 6 months and yearly subscription – saving you up to 43% off!

Downloading their software only takes a few minutes, and you don’t need to be tech savvy to be able to do this!  Next, simply choose an American server because remember – you need an American IP address to be able to watch Netflix. Then click connect, and that’s it! Now you have an American IP address you can watch all the shows Netflix has in its database, and you can also access a multitude of other video streaming sites as Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime.

In the screenshot below, you can see how easy it is to connect through the HMA! VPN network.

Now anyone, not only US citizens can receive all the benefits Netflix has to offer! Pretty cool stuff!

Why is Hide My Ass! the Best VPN Provider?

I simply cannot recommend Hide My Ass! enough – they are worth every penny! They have more servers in more countries than anyone else – at the time of writing this post, they have 641 VPN servers in 168 locations in 76 countries, with an impressive 80,787 IP addresses. Speed is critical for your viewing pleasure, and their servers are fast, I’ve not encountered any disruptions. I haven’t had the need to contact their customer support, but if you do, it’s great to know that they are available 24/7 via LiveChat, email or you can call them up.

By the way, if you encounter a problem registering for a Netflix account, you can easily fix this by entering an American ZIP code. You can perform a quick Google search to find one, for example, a New York ZIP code is 10010 or check out for thousands of others.

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  1. Tyler Cruz says:

    I always use 90210 whenever I am forced to use a Zip Code 🙂

  2. jack karter says:

    I found the easiest way is to just install the ZenMate extension for chrome. One click and your in!

  3. issac paul says:

    You really made my day 🙂


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