The Importance of Analyzing Stats

June 30, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Last week I put up my first screencast titled PPC Affiliate Marketing Introduction, and it went over quite well as a lot of people seemed to enjoy it.

So, here’s my second screencast. In this one, I attempt to exemplify the importance of analyzing the stats of your PPC affiliate marketing campaigns. It’s another basic guide, but all of my screencasts will be since I myself am a beginner.

I apologize for all of the censoring in the video, but I don’t want to share what keywords and niches I’m using for obvious reasons.

The screencast is below, but RSS readers won’t see it and will therefore have to visit my blog to view it:

Let me know how you liked it. The editing and censoring was a bitch not fun.

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15 Responses to “The Importance of Analyzing Stats”

  1. Tyler, how come you don’t use the Google pixel?

  2. Melvin says:

    Well worth reading… I think it’s a gr8 way to.. Mine I do it a lil diffrent

  3. Hendry Lee says:

    Well I think he meant Google Analytics?

    I use GA, and am happy with it.

  4. I Review You says:

    Ahm, I could open it on RSS. (just to let you know :))

  5. Tyler,

    Thanks for making the video and using the ML site. It is very informative and will help other new Publishers understand how to analyze their stats.


  6. joe says:

    Wish I could watch your video, but 21 mins is a pretty long time.

  7. […] Having a lot of statistics to deal with? Tyler’s second screencast highlights the importance of analyzing stats. […]

  8. Georgia says:

    Although the keywords and tag are cencored, this video is enough for us. But I think it will be better if you can make it shorter.

  9. Balend N says:

    Another great video, hope to see more.

  10. Great video thanks for sharing

  11. Zak Show says:

    great tool, I like the video. Thanks.

  12. GA is not approving me yet for my blog!! why is it like that 🙁


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