The Scenic Beauty of the Philippines

July 20, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I’ve been back in Canada for several days now, but still have a lot of videos and photos from the Philippines to share so there will probably be another 2-3 trip posts after this one.

I was only there for 2 weeks, but got to see a pretty good range of the country. I saw some of the poorer areas, the richer areas, the countryside, the beaches,  and the immensity of Manila.

This post will feature the beauty of the Philippines. Unlike many places, where the country doesn’t exactly match the photos from the brochure, the Philippines is just like you see it in magazine and travel guide photos: absolutely beautiful.

Here are some photos:

A farmer working the land.

The beach. It was 100% completely empty.

The sand was fine and the beach was void of any seaweed, seashells, etc.

The beach goes on forever, and it’s amazing not to see a single person there.

Some huts made of bamboo on the beach.

Ahhh… relaxing! Now all they need is to get Wi-Fi there ๐Ÿ™‚

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41 Responses to “The Scenic Beauty of the Philippines”

  1. Dean Saliba says:

    Look at the colour of that water. You don’t get anything like that here in the United Kingdom, it’s all brown and foaming over here!

  2. Beautiful, looks like you are having quite a trip.

    • Andrew says:

      Do you even read posts, or are you one of those people that just comment for the backlinks? It’s shameless.

      He said quite clearly that his trip is over.

      But yeah, hope you HAD a nice trip, Tyler. I could do with a holiday myself. Been two years since my last one out of the UK.

  3. Enda says:

    Lovely pics. Will look forward to seeing the follow up posts on your trip.

  4. Oh my god I love the beach! I can see that you were really enjoying there Tyler! I really hope I could be there one day in future too!


  5. Online TV says:

    ahhh, I wish I was at the beach now.

  6. riders says:

    Its nice trip and beautiful pics.

  7. Pretty crazy that the country has so much nice scenery, beaches etc. but there don’t seem to be as many resorts etc. as Mexico for example.

    I guess it all depends on government politics and not natural resources.

  8. PigsnieLite says:

    Where is this beach? My granma’s beach wuz full of teeny shells, hermit crabs & dried up 2 inch sardines. Plus the fishermen hung up their nets on the beach so you could smell their interestin fishy smell. The Philippines needs to get on some travel magazines to promote tourism!

  9. Thats so cool you can still make thousands of dollars while traveling around the world.

  10. tom says:

    Do you know if the beaches were empty because it was off season – or if this just wasn’t a tourist area. The huts make me think that there is tourism… but an empty beach?

    I have been to Mexico and St Thomas quite a few times – and the only times that I saw empty beaches were in off-seasons or secluded areas.

    I once went to a plantation in Mexico and they had MILES of beach area completely on the plantation. Beaches are public – but there just wasn’t any access – due to the private plantation.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      This was at a small resort/beach hotel but you are correct – it was empty because it was ‘Typhoon’ season at that time.

      But we had great weather while we were there and only had small bits of heavy rain here and there.

      So, it’s a bit of a gamble going during typhoon season, but if you’re like me and hate crowds, it’s worth the risk.

  11. gurtey says:

    This is really wonderful, i want to be there!

  12. Hi Tyler,

    It’s great to see that you were having tons of fun during your vacation here in the Philippines. There are so much in store in this beautiful and exotic 7,107 islands.

    Your relatives are mostly from which city?

  13. Great pictures. Wish I could be there to enjoy the scenery and the culture.

  14. ML Vanessa says:

    Wow! Truly a private beach… makes me want to be there right now, and away from my cubicle… and no Wifi… lol… you’re supposed to be relaxing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. The beach pics are stunning… beaches are so beautiful.. The deep clear blue of the skies n the sea are wonderful!! U really seemed to have a great time there!

  16. The beach is GORGEOUS there! Come to one around Los Angeles and you will surely step in oil and seaweed ๐Ÿ™


  17. The beach looked awesome. I can’t believe it is so cheap. Looks like the perfect week vacation.

  18. Shawn says:

    Hey tyler,
    We’re going to travel back to Korea next year, and plan to hit a few other nations while we’re at it. Hyae-Rim’s been to the Phillipines before – but we’re thinking of going there for a week, and maybe Brunei and Bali too. I want to go to the city labeled on my world map as ‘The Science City of Munoz’, apparently that’s the official city name??

  19. The Philippines looks truly beautiful. One day whe I get enough money to travel the world, I will have to make a point of stopping there. It is paradise.

  20. gurtey says:

    Well is it a holiday spot or something? well…Philippines is really good..i think if you need sum fresh air…you should be there!

  21. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Tyler, the beach looked so comfortable, I really hope I can have a rest over there as I’m struggling with my current day job right now. Seemed that you enjoyed your trip too, cool. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ll mark it when I’m planning to go over there one day later.


  22. used tires says:

    Those are certainly some odd sounds; I wonder what animals they were from? Did you have trouble sleeping at night, or did it become peaceful? The beach looks really nice, and I cannot believe that it was so empty, itโ€™s the perfect spot. I actually donโ€™t know how to skip rocks :/ I wish I didโ€ฆ lol

    Till then,


    • Tyler Cruz says:

      The animal noises weren’t a problem, kind of soothing actually. The sound when it rained was deafening though, coupled with the incredibly loud thunder.

      The hardest part about sleeping though was the heat!

  23. These are some great shots of the beautiful beaches in the Philippines. I know what your talking about it being hard to sleep with it being so hot.

    I also got a kick out of the music, sounds like Crash Bandicoot.

  24. Marissa says:

    Nice view Tyler
    But so sorry come to visit Cebu and you will see what i am talking about…i was born and grew up in Angat, Bulacan..So i know those places.Sorry ha,i just only want to share…
    You love travelling?come and visit Cebu and Boracay Island…happy new year Tyler…and god bless!!!!!

  25. PPC Icon says:

    Great scenery, I could do with 6 months on a beach to sort my stress level out.

  26. okiescookies says:

    I am a Filipino and I did not appreciate what the Philippines have only until I came to some EU countries. I would say that indeed Philippines is one of the most beautiful places to live in ( no no not Manila definitely!), its the countryside. The weather is all year round more than ok!

    I choose to live in Cagayan de Oro in norther Mindanao. Great shopping malls! and is near to Camiguin Island.

  27. hudas says:

    tang ina nyo pakamatay n kayo wla kaung kwenta


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