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December 17, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Sorry for the late update. I was waiting to hear back from my contest-investor; he had promised to get back to me by the weekend and he obviously hasn’t. I wanted to be able to confirm the contest, but guess I’ll have to wait some more. To be honest, I’m starting to have growing doubts on to his legitmacy on the whole thing, but am still keeping hope. Well.. here’s hoping..

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Tyler Mail

I guess this may be a new possible ‘feature’ (if you can call it that) of my blog. I get a lot of e-mail, PM’s, and IM’s, and so I thought the other day that it may not be a bad idea to reply to some of them publicly. It gives me some stuff to talk about on my blog and answers the person at the same time. Two birds with one stone.

Here we go:

I just finished reading your blog(entire blog tylercruz.com) and love it. It actually inspired me to considering purchasing and selling domain names, and creating sites. However the only experience I have with web site creating is when I was in 8th grade making Dragon Ball Z sites on angel fire. I have recently quit my job and have a lot of free time on my hands. Since I’m looking for a way to make money(don’t want to be bossed around anymore) I might try this. Since I don’t have any real experience with it, I figure I will go to my community collage and take a couple of classes. My question for you is what type of classes would you recommend for someone like me. Thanks in advance.

Hmm.. well first off I think it’s somewhat important to note that most web entrepreneurs and publishers that do this as a living or for decent income have done so kind of by accident; that is, most were web designers or programmers at first, then slowly discovered the revenue potential and went from there.

That being said, I think you have to ask yourself a few questions first. Do you want to do this purely for money and investing? Or do you want to also learn a bit of the trade and some of the technical stuff as well? If the former, you may want to go the route of domain arbitrage (buying and selling), PPC arbitrage, or buying/investing existing sites, thinking of them as assets.

If the latter, I’d suggest taking more of a hands on approach in that you think of an idea or two, and try to build from the ground up. That way you’ll learn a lot of valuable lessons and skills in the process; your first few sites may fail, but you’ll be gaining priceless experience.

In either case, I’d advise against a community college. Best case scenario, you’ll find a great school and teacher and learn a good core knowledge of HTML/Web Design or programming. Even so, that would take time and money. Most web designers and programmers are self taught – there’s so much free teaching material out there, and you’ll probably learn best by hands-on testing and tweaking anyhow.

There are far more downsides to going to a community college: cost and time are only two. Many teachers are complete morons, actually teaching incorrect or bad programming/web design practices. You also will only learn the technical skills. You will not learn about monetization or entrepreneurialism. Remember, you can always hire freelancers or companies to do the technical work for you…

Anyhow, hope that little bit of advice helps. I could go on and on but only have so much room and time 🙂

I’d really like to hear you talk more about why you feel Pokerforums is such a success and what the main factors were that made it what it is today. I searched through your previous posts but didn’t really get much content about my particular question. Thanks!

I don’t believe that PokerForums is a huge success, but I do believe that it is valuable and a valuable passive-income resource. Why? Mainly because, as a forum, it is basically self-run and maintained. Income has been generally stable over the long term, although of course the recent poker ‘ban’ in the US was definitely not a kind hit to the site.

As for the main factors that attribute to it’s success? I can think of four: Domain, Community, Simplicity, Advertisers.


PokerForums.org. PokerForums.com is a parked page and PokerForums.net is an inactive forum. PokerForums.org therefore ranks very high (#1 for ‘poker forums’) from a large part of it’s domain. Natural search brings not only traffic, but paying advertisers as well… having a site #1 on Google doesn’t hurt to win them over.


PokerForums.org (PFO) is a very strong knit community. This brings a lot of repeat and loyal visitors. They, in turn, bring their friends.


I once had a page to the site, and I have a few ‘side’ pages now, but really PFO is simply just a forum. A poker forum. We don’t try to do too much and overextend ourselves or take away from the forum by adding a lot of extra ‘features’. We’re a poker forum and we’re used to discuss poker.


I keep a strong relationship with my advertisers. Many have been long-term repeat advertisers; some have been with me from pretty much the start, advertising with us for two years. A few months ago I had one advertiser paying me $5,000 a month, and renewing that each month. Unfortunately they had to stop when the US poker ‘ban’ came around. If it hadn’t, I’m confident that I’d still be receiving that extra $5,000 monthly passive income.

Hope that helps some!

Paying $35 Per Ad Network Review

I’m paying $35 via PayPal (other payment methods possible) for each high-quality, detailed, in-depth review of ad networks, such as Google AdSense, ValueClickMedia, CasaleMedia, etc.

A bit of history if you’re so inclined (otherwise scroll down):

What for?

I’ve been a member of a number of webmaster forums over the years and it’s always surprised me that there isn’t a quality, comprehensive site of information and reviews of ad networks. I therefore took the liberty of creating one myself: PublisherSpot.com.

PublisherSpot.com caters to internet web publishers by providing informative reviews and summaries of the various internet ad network companies.

Aside from presenting detailed reviews and specific information such as what ad network media packages contain and what forms of payment they accept, PublisherSpot.com allows visitors to search dynamically for network companies via an in-house search engine. Some examples of search features include searching for ad networks that serve pop-ups, ad networks with a rating of 90% or better, or searching for contextual ad networks.

What do you want exactly?

I’m looking for people who have a lot of experience monetizing sites through various ad networks. Aside from that, I’m looking for the following guidelines:

  • Length: The longer the better. You can use this review as an approximate acceptable length, although they really shouldn’t be any smaller.
  • Quality: Grammar and writing should be of very high quality and written as objectively and fair as possible.
  • Actual experience with the network is a must, and specific details such as what creatives are offered (468×60, Interstitials, etc.) need to be stated as well as how well their rates (CPM/CPC/etc) fare to the rest of the industry.

I see, anything else?

Just a few notes:

  • The review must be custom written for PublisherSpot and we retain sole ownership of the review, and therefore it can’t be used by author for anything else.
  • We reserve the right to decline your review; we don’t want to do this but if it doesn’t meet the above criteria it may be rejected.
  • We only accept one review per network; make sure you ask if the one you want to review is available before submitting.
  • Payment is to be paid via PayPal, but other payment mediums are possible upon request or inquiry.

E-mail me (please don’t PM me) at tylercruz@gmail.com if interested.

Well, that’s all for now.

Good luck and good earnings!

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8 Responses to “Tyler Mail”

  1. AndrewR says:

    That mail thing was a great idea. I can’t wait for your contest to start up either if it does, I tried posting a bit on PF, but I think that no one comes online anymore due to the inactivity so they don’t even bother looking. 🙁

    Anway, great post, can’t wait for another one.. 🙂

  2. Tyler, great post. Thank you for answering my question about PFO. Next, will you provide the steps you take in creating a new site? More importantly, the methods you use to advertise a new and old website. This would be quite beneficial to the rest of your audience!

    Thank you!

    Close to 1,000 100% Free WordPress Themes, Templates, and Designs

  3. mikemike says:

    icravewordpress: isn’t that spamming?

    Also.. apparently.. you did not get author’s permission to have their wordpress theme files HOSTED on your site!


  4. Mike-

    First of all, it’s not spamming. I left a valuable comment. Second, the author of those themes allows his themes on several other wordpress sites and they never had to ask his permission. Seems funny that he went after me for not asking him? Once you allow a theme to be downloaded for free, it’s free. You shouldn’t be able to decide who can download it and who can’t. It’s playing the role of a gatekeeper. I simply built a site that allows everyone to come and download these free themes at ONE, convenient place. Besides, I’m still giving him credit for creating the design. I haven’t taken the name of the designer off any of the themes…that would be immoral! Many people have thanked me for this website but once in awhile, I receive criticism from people like you. But hey, bad press is good press. So, Mike, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! 🙂

  5. mikemike says:

    that is not the point.

    They created the theme and they ONLY want people to download it from their site and not anybody else.

    Why should other people profit from their hard work. Your site is spammed with Adsense banners.

    Remember..it’s their work and not yours. They should have the final say NOT YOU!

  6. Mike-

    First, I’m really enjoying the free press you are giving me. Second, you’re avoiding my original arguement. The owner of the site is allowing his themes to be downloaded on several other websites. These other sites have Adsense or YPN as well. My site is not spamming anyone. We do not require our users to submit their e-mail addresses before downloading the themes. By the way, you need to look up the definition of spamming because you obviously don’t know the proper meaning of the word. Profit? I didn’t create the site for profit. You would know that if you looked up the cpc for the keywords. I created the site so bloggers (and I) didn’t have to search around the web for unique WordPress templates. I’m still giving credit to the designers. They should be thanking me! After all, I’m promoting their work! And some even have thanked me!

    Anyway, I enjoyed debating this topic with you. Can we agree to disagree?

  7. mikemike says:

    >>Anyway, I enjoyed debating this topic with you. Can we agree to disagree?

    agree! I like to debate you on this subject

    >>The owner of the site is allowing his themes to be downloaded on several other websites.

    Maybe he has given permission to them (or maybe not) But he DEFINITELY does not want the themes on your site! Does that might sense. The author (creator) doesn’t want it on your site (regardless of other sites)

    >>My site is not spamming anyone.

    You just spammed TylerCruz’s blog. Each entry is entitled to enter the URL. You had to write a little extra on the bottom of you post. Was that necessary? People who visit TylerCruz does not need/want to read your promotion

    >>I didn’t create the site for profit.
    Then don’t place ANY ads on your site.

  8. Mike,

    Are you the type of person that always has to have the last say? We say we agree to disagree and then that should have been it. Instead, you went continued to argue your opinion.

    1. The author of the site is unbelievably rude and his designs are definitely not the best out of the collection. Therefore, instead of dealing with his threats, I was nice and pulled his designs off the site. I guess I only have 980 themes now…oh well!

    2. To be frank, I don’t care if he wants his themes on my site or not. If it’s free, it’s free. It’s like giving candy to all the white kids and not any to the black kid. Complete discrimination. Open source is open source.

    3. I am not spamming Tyler’s blog. I’m the person who prompted him to answer this question: “I’d really like to hear you talk more about why you feel Pokerforums is such a success and what the main factors were that made it what it is today. I searched through your previous posts but didn’t really get much content about my particular question. Thanks!” I hardly think that I am spamming his blog by leaving my site in the comment along with a comment. I don’t think we see eye-to-eye on this matter.

    4. I actually created this site for a class project. The scope of the project was to learn SEO techniques, advertising opportunities, and so on. See the article here:


    Any way, Mike, it’s been a pleasure debating you…


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