Tyler vs Gyutae Competition Results

September 15, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

One month ago, I entered into a competition with Gyutae Park of WinningTheWeb.com to see who could generate more from PPC affiliate marketing.

The competition wasn’t created as viral to grow our blogs, but rather to push ourselves to spend time learning and working on our campaigns. Unfortunately, I have been preoccupied with many other things lately and only managed to work a total of around 4 hours on my campaigns during the entire competition.

If I had prioritized things better, I definitely could have allotted a lot more time towards the competition. I think one of the reasons why I put absolutely no effort into the competition is because the penalty (reverse incentive) wasn’t severe enough. When Gyutae and I had our first competition in which the loser had to pay the winner $300, that provided a lot more incentive for me than the humiliation video which was what was set up in this competition.

In fact, in some ways I’m happy I lost. The video was fun to make and if anything it will only bring in more traffic, or else get ignored – either way I win. For example, I’m sure Gyutae will post the video on his blog, and so that’s like an entire free paid review for me right there πŸ™‚

Anyhow, here are the final results of my PPC efforts. My campaign seems to have fallen a bit, not really making any money but breaking even, having spent $1,582.12 to make $1,596.80.

I actually finished in the red with -$26.78 because I also spent a total of $41.46 at another PPC source other than Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords.

To be fair, Gyutae was very busy as well but managed to put in more time than me, and finished with a strong final week. In the end, he totalled $194.12 which is great for somebody brand new to PPC affiliate marketing. He’s told me that he’s most likely not going to pursue it because of how wild the fluctuations can be and the time involved, but I think he should stick with it. He’s brand new but already made $200 in his first month… that’s very successful in my eyes. Maybe he’ll make $350 next month and $700 the month after that… it wouldn’t hurt to try it at least another month anyway.

And so… to keep up my end of the bargain, here is my obligatory humiliation video in which I had to recite a speech written out to me by Gyutae.

I read out the speech from my computer and put the camera in front of the screen in case you were wondering why I wasn’t looking directly at the camera.

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26 Responses to “Tyler vs Gyutae Competition Results”

  1. Danny Cooper says:

    I’m actually quite upset that you didn’t put your full effort into this Tyler, I would have loved to have seen some real competition.

  2. ha… you got smoked! Lucky for you you have a great competition going.

  3. It’s weird how there is such variation in the amount of money each of you spent. If you guys do another competition, it would be awesome to see both of you go all out.

  4. David Koh says:

    Wow, about 1.5k spent on your campaign….so much money. Anyway, it was an interesting competition nonetheless πŸ™‚

  5. I’m disappointed in the humiliation. That was nothing! You should have made it something like this:

    “Hi, my name is Tyler Cruz, and I’ve got a video confession to make today. I’ve been running Tyler Cruz .com for a long time, but today I want to come clean and admit that all of my income has been coming in from prostituting myself and not from Blogging. My pimp’s name is Gyutae…”

    or something along those lines. πŸ™‚

    Who else has some better ideas for a video like this? LOL.

    • Gyutae Park says:

      Hahah, Paul. I didn’t want to humiliate Tyler too much, but that’s a GREAT idea. Too bad you didn’t tell me before I wrote the script. πŸ˜›

      • clogmoney says:

        The problem was it wasn’t humiliating enough to give you both the motivation to try harder*. Now I would have said the person needed to dress up as a baby with a man sized diaper with dummy and one of those baby hats, and THEN read your script out. That might have made this competition a little more interesting πŸ˜‰

        *I actually think Gyutae did very well in the last week.

    • Mr Javo says:

      haahhahahahahhaha yeah, that would be a great one

  6. Marcel says:

    Next, time make it a long poem

    Try the Highway Man poem

    There is no loser as long you learn something.

  7. Wow that video is really good quality

  8. Next time your going to go for the throat right?

  9. Web Freak says:

    Going a BIT OT, your title header banner is getting messed up with the font up there..

  10. This is a really great competition. I love how it pushes you all to do your best with PPC marketing. I really hope you win, but I know it is pretty difficult breaking even with possibly a little revenue.

  11. SEO Tricks says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice video.. nice one and good quality

  12. Tyler you seem to change what you plan on doing each month…

    A month or so back you wanted to concentrate on ppc marketing.

  13. iPod Touch says:

    He did great in his first month. Quite inspirational as it means anyone could become profitable within one month!


  14. Annonymous Coward says:

    Ok – So please explain something :

    why are your incomes from this so drastic?

    On 8th Sept you brought in $125. Why did you not continue doing the exact same the next day in order to replicate the results?

    If you’d explain what offer you targeted on that day, how you setup your campaign, searched for keywords and stuff – you’d really make a blog post that would have people coming back for ever.

    Adwords and all the buzz words in SEM confuse a lot of people.

    please create a post like this – a video one would be awesome!

    Any chances?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I didn’t change anything. I worked on my campaigns during two days for a total of around 4 hours. The changes in income you see are a result of standard deviation.

      The offer I’m running pays out pretty high ($27.50), so it can make a big difference if I make three extra leads in a day compared to if I were running an offer that paid out ($4.50).

      • Annonymous Coward says:

        Yeah – I get the deviation – you can’t convert them all! πŸ™‚

        Still though, spending $100+ some days and getting nothing back would worry me.

        Is that a question of the keywords you have chosen? Or the layout/words of the landing page?

        Or both?

  15. Andrew says:

    When Gyutae and I had our first competition in which the loser had to pay the winner $300, that provided a lot more incentive for me than the humiliation video which was what was set up in this competition.

    Okay…you said that in this post, yet in the post detailing the competition you said…

    I love the penalty idea. It’s a lot more incentive to work hard to win than simply having to give money away. Last time, I lost the competition and have to give $300 away, which didn’t really bother me. After all, I’ve lost $3,000 in one hand of poker in private games around town here before.

    So which is it? A sudden case of sour grapes at having lost and wanting to hush-hush the impact of the loss, or simply now realising that money is worth a lot more than credibility to you? Just wondering…

  16. ms danielle says:

    i didn’t really feel the love in the video πŸ˜‰

  17. Interesting to read about this as well as the much-publicized Chow vs. Shoemoney β€œbattle”. So I guess we can expect more of the same in the world of PPC in the future? I’m certainly not complaining; it makes for interesting reading and I learn a few things as well!

  18. […] the loser! Now this isn’t going to be a wussy humiliation video like the one Gyutae made Tyler read in their contest. Expect all the stops to come out when the winner is announced. (So subscribe […]

  19. It’s always good to see how a competition turns out, I’m sure when you are not as busy you can beat him in the next one – if I was you I would have the prize something more valuable to give you the motivation to win, I don’t just mean money.

    It depends on what you class as valuable, pride, money, items etc.

    I know the competition I just had with Paul from inspired affiliate helped me because the loser paid out $175 and to be honest – I didn’t have that money to throw away at this stage.

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