TylerReviews – Batch #14

July 22, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Here are 7 new reviews of my blog, making a total of 84 reviews of my blog so far.

The Reviews

Here they are:

A Cowboy’s Wife – The first time I’ve ever seen denim used as a background 😉
Blackyard.net – A blog bringing back the oldschool background midi…

The Results

The number of reviews to my blog have definitely slowed down; it’s been nearly a month since my last batch. I believe a large reason is because of all the other blogs that are doing this now as well. 

Unfortunately, even with the help from the most recent reviews, I’ve increased in rank (that’s a bad thing) from 8,549 to 8,826 on Technorati. If I don’t get many more reviews I’ll probably stop this post series.

Review My Blog

I’ll link back to anyone who reviews my site, in an upcoming post such as this one.

The review should be at least 200 words and can be positive, negative, or somewhere inbetween, and one of the links within the review must use the anchor text “internet entrepreneur” when linking back to my blog.

Alternatively, you can review PublisherSpot.com instead of my blog, using “ad network reviews” as the anchor text.

You’ll get the benefit of a backlink in an upcoming post from my blog which is ranked 8,826 on Technorati, is PR5, has an average RSS readership of 650, and receives around 500 unique visitors per day. E-mail me at tylercruz@gmail.com with your blog’s URL when you’re done.

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2 Responses to “TylerReviews – Batch #14”

  1. Thanks for the link love.

    I love the denim background, very cool … :/

  2. Cowboytf says:

    Thanks for the link Tyler. (I have son named Tyler;)

    I just recently changed the theme to the denim and have received many compliments. I guess it is well liked:) WooHoo. Finally I done somethin’ right.


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