TylerReviews – Batch #17

August 30, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Here are 5 new reviews of my blog, making a total of 106 reviews of my blog so far.

The Reviews

Here they are:

TrueBlueTitan.com – The owner should read my Putting the Cart Before the Horse post regarding SEO-optimized titles…
PPC-Advertising.info – A review of PublisherSpot.
AndrewPolanski.com – Talk about a young internet entrepreneur – this kid is only 14! That makes me nearly a decade older than him.. sigh..
The Associate Reference – I wonder if sites like these make any money..
ClickInput.com – You’ve seen him as an commenter on my blog, now you can see his review of PublisherSpot 😉 

The Results

Even with the help from the most recent reviews, my rank dropped from 8,648 to 8,869 on Technorati, which bumps me behind of another 221 blogs. I just can’t seem to move from out of the 8,500-9,000 range! It’s interesting how this is where all the real competition starts… which is very interesting as it means that there are 8,500 blogs out there that apparently have a large following. That’s a lot of high-quality blogs…

One of the best ways to increase your Technorati though is just to develop a few themes or plug-ins. That could probably bump me in the top 1,000 without much effort…

Review My Blog

I’ll link back to anyone who reviews my site, in an upcoming post such as this one.

The review should be at least 200 words and can be positive, negative, or somewhere inbetween, and one of the links within the review must use the anchor text “internet entrepreneur” or “make money blogging” when linking back to my blog.

Alternatively, you can review PublisherSpot.com instead of my blog, using “ad network reviews” or “top ad networks” as the anchor text.

You’ll get the benefit of a backlink in an upcoming post from my blog which is ranked 8,869 on Technorati, is PR5, has an average RSS readership of 750, and receives around 500 unique visitors per day. E-mail me at tylercruz@gmail.com with your blog’s URL when you’re done.

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