TylerReviews – Batch #18

September 28, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s been quite a while since I posted my last batch of TylerReviews, but there’s a very good reason for that: I wasn’t receiving any! I wanted to wait until I had at least 6 or 7 before posting an update, but since I haven’t been receiving any I must post these now.

In fact, this will be my smallest batch of reviews ever, but I had to post them since the writers have been waiting patiently.

Here then, are 2 new reviews of my blog, making a total of 108 reviews of my blog so far.

The Reviews

EnergyByte.com/blogs – As a thank you for the review, I’m going to give Christian 5 quick suggestions on how he can improve his blog:

1. Read my You’re Not a Rock Star post.
2. Consider getting a new blog theme or else improve on your current one with some custom graphics and personality.
3. Get back to posting, preferably once a day (it seems the blog was abandoned on Sept 12th).
4. Add images to posts.
5. Consider getting a separate domain for your blog, something easy to remember, themed, and catchy. Not everybody bookmarks pages, and http://www.energybyte.com/blogs/index.php is hard to remember. It’s also a lot harder to pass on to others, i.e. have others mention it to friends or in forums, as opposed to TylerCruz.com or ShoeMoney.com for example.

CheddarBlog.com – This is the blog of one of the regular commentors on my blog, Swiss_Mouse.

If you’ve read Swiss_Mouses’s comments at all, you can probably guess what his blog is themed around: cheese.

It’s great to have a theme, even if it’s rather quirky, as it always lets you stand out from the crowd. JohnCow.com is a good example of how branding or building your blog around a theme can pay off.

Apart from playing the role of a mouse and his neverending quest for cheese, Swiss_Mouse also talks about food, blogging, and money.

The Results

The number of TylerReviews have really slowed down, and my Technorati has also continued to worsen, dropping to 9,549 on Technorati. I still can’t seem to be able to beat the 8,500-9,000 range which is interesting. I thought my blog was growing at a nice slow but steady pace… RSS traffic seems to complement that fact, but my Technorati ranking will be at 10,000 soon which is very confusing to me.

Review My Blog

I’ll link back to anyone who reviews my site, in an upcoming post such as this one.

The review should be at least 200 words and can be positive, negative, or somewhere inbetween, and one of the links within the review must use the anchor text “internet entrepreneur”, “webmaster blog”, or “make money blogging” when linking back to my blog.

Alternatively, you can review PublisherSpot.com instead of my blog, using “ad network reviews”, “top ad networks”, or “ad networks” as the anchor text.

You’ll get the benefit of a backlink in an upcoming post from my blog which is a PR5, has an average RSS readership of 800, and receives around 500 unique visitors per day. E-mail me at tylercruz@gmail.com with your blog’s URL when you’re done.

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6 Responses to “TylerReviews – Batch #18”

  1. Swiss_Mouse says:

    The Swiss_Mouse thanks you!

    “Playing the role of a Mouse?” The Swiss_Mouse is unsure of how to take this!!!

    Cheddar to all!

  2. I think Cheddarblog needs a new theme as well. Very plain, and does not seem to fit the cheese angle he is going after.

    Maybe he will pay me for a Blog Redesign? What do you think Swiss? I don’t want to cut into your block of cheddar, but it wouldn’t hurt the eyes so much.

  3. WarriorBlog says:

    OMG Tyler! Do you have to make people register to comment?!

    Anyway, I register so I can leave this comment:

    I am interested in linking to you but will you link me back? I don’t want to review you but just link to you if I do a “post of the week” thing. Is that ok?

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  5. ANother says:

    You have a PR 3 index page with low/non-existent PR on posts ..


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