TylerReviews Batch #19

November 21, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

As stated in my post a few days ago, in an attempt to revitalize and rejuvenate my TylerReviews offer, I’m now offering in return for a review of my blog, a mini-review paragraph (or more) of your website in addition to a backlink.

I’ve already received enough reviews to post another batch, so here’s the first batch of reviews that are eligible for my new offer, making a total of 113 reviews of my blog so far.

The Reviews

#1 WhassupJack.com – This review was written way back in early September, and I hadn’t had enough reviews to post a batch update since then. Visiting his blog again, I can see that he has kept a good job of keeping it updated, posting nearly everyday.

An interesting thing he has on his blog is a “Featured Post”, which apparently stays at the top of the blog. I personally don’t care for this as it requires you to scroll down to read the latest post, and if I was a regular visitor of the blog, I’d get tired of that featured post the second time seeing it…

#2 Crenk.com – Wow. This guy posts a lot! To me this is very interesting as most smaller “make money online” blogs only post a once or twice a week, which is partly why they’re still small.

But Steven Finch from Crenk.com (nice domain, BTW) has managed to somehow find the time to post 3-5 posts per day! His posts are fairly good… interesting or informational, but they all have one thing in common: they’re quite short.

My advice to Steven then, would be to focus on adding more meat to his posts. Make them longer, and then have two new posts per day which are longer and more in-depth rather than 4-5 smaller posts. This will also drastically help your chances of linkback’s.

#3 MakingSalesMakingMoney.co/blog – Don, the owner, is actually one of the advertisers on my blog, having purchased one of the 125×125 side banners. He is also purchasing a custom review from RealityHosting.ca, the same guys who did my redesign, to get a great new look for his blog. I look forward to seeing how it comes out.

#4 Bloggin-Ads.com – Bloggin-Ads.com’s purpose is to actually review other blogs… that’s basically what it does. But it also contains general off-topic posts and general ramblings.

One small thing I just have to point out, is a small bug that has just been bothering me. So Mike, if you’re listening, please fix the top broken image of your and your wife which appears on your archived pages. It links to http://bloggin-ads.com/page/images/about2.jpg instead of http://bloggin-ads.com/images/about2.jpg, if you weren’t already aware 🙂

#5 DaxDesai.com – It is not my intention to attack or be hostile, but I need to draw attention to something here. In his review of my blog he states:

“While this blog is not intended as a money-maker, I do have a few ads that help support my habits such as golf.”

While I’m sure everyone will agree that supporting one’s habits and addictions such as golf should certainly be commended, to me it seems that you have more than just a “few ads”.

In addition to the large AdSense banner inserted into every post, there is also a skyscraper banner, numerous 125×125 banners, and an Amazon ad. There are also only 3 links on the blog, the second of which is “advertise” (those prices are very expensive BTW).

I’d like to recommend reading my You’re Not a Rock Star post, which explains in detail why I believe putting ads on a small/new blog is a bad idea.

The Results

It’s too early to gauge conclusions from this latest batch since there was such a large gap since my last update . However, I do have a goal I’ve set for myself.

My goal is to get in the top 2,000 on on Technorati. This is a pretty high goal considering that my current rank is 9,682, but hey, a goal is a goal.

Review My Blog

I’ll link back to anyone who reviews my site in an upcoming post such as this one.

The review should be at least 200 words and can be positive, negative, or anywhere inbetween, and one of the links within the review must use the anchor text “internet entrepreneur”, “webmaster blog”, or “make money blogging” when linking back to my blog.

In return, you’ll get a link back to your blog and a paragraph written about your blog in an upcoming post on my blog which has an average RSS readership of 850, and receives around 500 unique visitors per day. E-mail me at tylercruz@gmail.com with your blog’s URL when you’re done.

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10 Responses to “TylerReviews Batch #19”

  1. That must be the most useless review ever. You didn’t mention a single thing about any of my content. Yes I have a lot of ads, and no it generates very minimal income, certainly not $236/day as you do. I do earn more than that per trade in my day-trading.

    I’m not a full-time or even a part-time blogger, but a hobby blogger that just wants to get more exposure.

    I read several other blogs that recommended starting out and just filling all the spots so as to set the layout. That’s why all the ads.

  2. Mike Huang says:

    Thanks Tyler for the linkback 🙂

    As for the about pic, I don’t know what you’re talking about. It doesn’t seem like there is anything wrong. Could you please e-mail me and tell me or show me a screenshot? Thanks 🙂


  3. “supporting one’s habits and addictions such as gold”

    It’s golf, not gold. lol. Having a gold addiction is a pretty expensive one to have!

  4. Will says:

    man those reviews you do produce quite a nice lump of change lol. keep up the good work 😮

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