November 8, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Just got off with a client. I’ll be meeting him on Monday.. gonna work out the contract.. I’ll be brokering his domain for 10%. He wants 1.2 million for it, leaving me with $120,000. I don’t think he’ll get that – I think it can get 100,000, maybe 200k… but not 1.2 million. Ugh. Anyhow.. hope this doesnt give me a shitload of stress…

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Posted: November 8th, 2005 under My Websites  

7 Responses to “Ugh”

  1. theDigested says:

    He’s just selling his domain or a whole site? 100k for just a domain is a lot on it’s own. Is it currently in use and/or getting an amazing amount of traffic?

  2. PigsnieLite says:

    $1,000,000! Whut site is worth $1,000,000? Not MoFo! Teehee.

  3. PigsnieLite says:

    WOW, I wuz testing and I can actually comment. Huzzahhhh. Hokay, I wont make any more silly stuff here. This is a serious blog.


  4. Tyler says:

    Just the domain, no site.. it’s just a good domain is all…

  5. I’d love to hear the domain name as soon as you are able to tell us!

  6. Gethin says:

    Well… good luck with the sale!

  7. 213A9 says:

    Good luck with the sale Tyler. Your on your way of becoming a millionaire :). That’s exactly how I started, selling domains, content sites, etc.. Look now I am making 100K+/Month! 🙂
    Good Luck!


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