Vegas BlogWorld Trip Day 3, Part II

October 4, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I can’t believe it’s been 10 days since I last posted about my Vegas BlogWorld trip. Well, I guess I can; I’ve been so backlogged with blog posts that I don’t think I’ll ever run into another "dry spell" for a very, very, long time.

My previous update on the trip showed how I beat Shoemoney, John Chow, and Zac Johnson in a live money-grabbing competition. That was day 3, but some more stuff happened that day so here is an update on what occurred afterwards.

Actually, shortly before the impromptu MarketLeverage Cashinator challenge, I met up with Paul Piotrowski from and and his friend Jabeel from who is just starting to get into the whole "web entrepreneur" game.

You guys should know Paul by now, as he writes the occasional guest blog post here, just finished 1st and 2nd place in my last Affiliate Marketing Challenge, and even is a recurring advertiser as well (the 125×125 banner on the left side). Also, he’s the hero of yesterday’s blog post which probably had the highest positive response out of any past guest posts.

It was good to meet Paul in person… in fact I was the one who strongly encouraged him to take the trip out to BlogWorld in Vegas. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo with him as I had thought I’d be returning to BlogWorld the next day but I didn’t.

Update: I managed to find this photo with us talking at the MarketLeverage booth. Paul’s on the far right. It looks like Shoemoney wanted in on the conversation πŸ˜›


After the MarketLeverage Cashinator challenge, I checked out some of the other exhibitors at BlogWorld. Unfortunately, very few interested me and I didn’t see much opportunity for favourable networking either. I was very surprised at not only the lack of exhibitors in general, but also the quality of exhibitors. With the Blogosphere being so huge and influential, I thought there’d be a lot more bigger companies including advertising and affiliate networks, but I could only find a few, with MarketLeverage, Copeac, and Shopzilla being the main 3. Paul wrote a great post titled Did BlogWorld Suck? on his blog which I pretty much agree entirely with.

Below is a shot of the monorail that we took to get from the main strip (at MGM) to the Las Vegas convention center. The monorail is good (fast, empty, and affordable) but my main complaint was how limited it was! It doesn’t go very far through Vegas, and later on we ended up just taking the taxi everywhere.


The Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall:


I was terrified of walking through Vegas in the heat to the monorail station with my suit, but it actually wasn’t too bad. It was hot, but definitely bearable. It’s a very dry heat in Vegas, but is really not all that different from a summer day where I live on Vancouver Island.

Lisa was wearing a black blazer and we both had black sunglasses and our BlogWorld badges on as well so I felt like we looked like FBI agents… perhaps Mulder and Skully?


The Cashinator contestants and Dina and Deborah from MarketLeverage’s marketing department.


My MarketLeverage affiliate manager Mike Kelly and me doing my famous finger-gun pose:


MarketLeverage had a screen at their booth promoting different facts and stats about their company:




Guess who made a cameo appearance on it?:


Below are a couple other shots of other booths:



I had made a video of a guy at one of the booths demonstrating their product, but I can’t seem to find it…

Tomorrow I will post part 3 of day 3 which will describe the MarketLeverage dinner party they hosted.

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14 Responses to “Vegas BlogWorld Trip Day 3, Part II”

  1. Tushar Dhoot says:

    Love how you’re just holding that gigantic wad of cash like it’s normal to be wandering around with $600 in cash.

  2. Mike Huang says:

    I also remember that Monorail in Vegas. I believe it was mainly used for Bally’s (they own it?), but I didn’t know they charge. I could’ve sworn it’s free.


  3. Andrei Buiu says:

    Would love to go to Vegas some day….

  4. Jay says:

    Check you out ballin’ over there! Even got your toon up in there lol!


  5. Jason says:

    Looks like a pretty fun event. I’d love to visit Vegas too, although not necessarily for the blogging conventions… πŸ˜›

  6. Nice post, i cant wait till blogworld 09
    im going down next year, and im sooo excited!

  7. It was good to finally meet you in person Tyler. The funny thing is that I expected you to be shorter than you are, and I know why. The first real-life picture of you that I saw was that one you took with John Chow.

    Well, John “the midget maker” Chow, makes everyone look so fricken short if you are the only two people in the photo. He’s the tallest Asian I know and in the photos it looks like he’s 5’10” and then it makes whoever is in the picture with him 5’6″! πŸ™‚

    The monorail was pretty cool. I just connects the main hotels on the main strip, but if you want to go any further north like to the outlet shops you gotta take a taxi.


  8. Salwa says:

    Wished if i was there!

  9. […] on from yesterday’s post, after visiting BlogWorld I had my dinner with MarketLeverage and the super blogger panel […]

  10. It seems like everyone likes to do the finger point/gun pose these days…

  11. It’s amazing. So many people go together because of blog!!!

  12. Pictures of an event like this dedicated to blogs are enjoyable to see because they show the activity that occurs in relation to all the activity that is present on the internet.

  13. accounts says:

    Like that little log of you there…funny guy.


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