October 30, 2005 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I did it! I finally fixed the stupid JS errors…. RAWRRRRrrr! Man.. you have no idea how annoying those were. And guess what? That’s right. I solved it. I SOLVED IT! I know why vBulletin does that now – well maybe not exactly why, but I know what causes it, and how to fix it.

That’s good, because it used to pop up sporadically when I made template changes, and I did a really old method of fixing it before, but now I can do it much quicker from now own. Ahh.. feels good.. now I can get back to finishing my latest ‘list’.

On a more sane line of thought now, I’ve ‘scrapped’ about half my domains, and have around 20 or so left – I’m deciding which once I want to go ahead and register. I think they are good, but the question is – will others.. and which all should I throw away?

Too bad I didn’t find any real nice ones (x,xxx). Sigh. But yeah, I’m pretty sure that from now on, if I want to do any domain buying/selling – I’ll do it by trying to buy existing ones from people…

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  1. Internet Entrepreneur says:

    Domain purchases and sales is very interesting business if you ask me. I have several friends that do not do anyhting but buy and sell domain names. How does one evaluate this market place and engage in it without getting burned severly?


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